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Trading by Smartphone Is on the Rise


It seems that more people than ever are making important financial transactions with smartphones and tablets. This certainly applies to trading on the stock market, spread betting and similar products, but how is this growth possible? This infographic hints at the creation of a dedicated Trading Platform.

Mobile trading makes perfect sense for any traders with a busy lifestyle. They can go to City Index Forex Trading on the move and it doesn’t take too long to do. Some of the most successful traders have made significant profits in excess of £1m to date using dedicated apps for iPhones and iPads.

Products like Forex are leveraged and, as with normal websites for computers and laptops, mobile trading involves the same level of skill and timing that is essential for any trader to make a significant profit at a level acceptable to them.

At the moment, iPhones are among the most popular devices for mobile trading, although BlackBerry and Android smartphones are being used more often by traders. Forex, CFD trading and spread betting are all possible with the right device.

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