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Training Prosecutors…This Could Be Entertaining

Today I’m supposed to perform as a “juror” for mock trials used to train brand-new county prosecutors. It should be pretty entertaining…

One of my former assistant editors at the Great Desert University, a young woman who at the time of the Great Layoff had  just completed a master of fine arts in writing as well as the graduate certificate in scholarly publishing, used the period of the Recession-That-Was-Not-a-Depression to go through law school. She recently finished, and while waiting for admission to the state bar is working for this grant-funded training program. She e-mailed a couple of days ago frantically seeking volunteers for today’s mock trials.

LOL! Apparently it didn’t occur to them that most folks have jobs, and even those who can spend a day at the courthouse on Friday are inclined to regard jury duty as an onerous task and imposition, not the privilege of a free people.

Have to be at the courthouse door at 8:00 a.m.  So, to race around…

Image: Bulloch County courthouse, Statesboro, Georgia. Richardeleanechambers at the English Language Wikipedia. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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  1. Too funny…I recall your “trials and tribulations” with the justice system not so long ago. For you to return …voluntarily…well…is just “funny”. On the subject of law and getting a law degree…hope your friend knows what she’s doing. I just showed a piece of property to a “struggling”…. yes….struggling attorney. He explained that over 92% of criminal cases in this neck of the woods involves the “public defender” as the rep for the defendent. Evidently the defendents plead poverty ..use the public defender at little or no cost who basically pleads the case out…like an assembly line. This leaves criminal lawyers in the lurch …basically scraping by as I understand it. Have fun in Court!!!

  2. Do mock trial jurors get paid? Regular jurors get paid a nominal sum here in LA.