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Update: The Disease

Not goin’ anywhere…

So this weekend I felt so terrible and was still barking so frantically that I’d about decided if this ailment isn’t improved by today – Monday – I’ll have to call Young Dr. Kildare.

Trouble with that scheme, of course, is that there’s little YDK can do other than make sympathetic noises. Though he’s a past master of that skill, one hesitates to drive halfway to Yuma for the privilege.

One of my friends reports, on Facebook, that she also is enjoying the same epizoötic. She describes essentially the same symptoms with essentially the same soul-crushing severity. She went to the doctor, who decided she had a sinus infection and gave her an antibiotic.

Well, in the first place I don’t believe mine is a sinus infection, since there’s been almost no nasal congestion and what there was is now gone. And in the second place, most antibiotics make me sicker than the bug did. And in the third place, you know and I know that a cold that mostly consists of a crazy-making cough is going to be diagnosed as viral bronchitis (medico-speak for “cold with a crazy-making cough”). Last time that happened, the quack prescribed prednisone. The prednisone caused the cold to go away in about the same period that any killer cold goes away…and it also kicked up the GERD.

It’s taken two years to get that flare-up to settle down. And y’know what? I don’t wanna do that again.

Given a choice between coughing all night or lying awake all night with a bellyache whose outcome is, doctors want me to believe, potentially stomach or esophageal cancer, I’ll take the cough.

But it is freaking exhausting. As a practical matter, I do not lie awake all night, because by 8:30 or so I’m so tired I can’t do anything but sleep. Saturday I joined my friends at KJG’s house, where we have an ongoing project to throw, fire, and glaze our very own little pots.

It was great fun! We hung out with KJG and her Fireman all day, during which the cough nagged and nagged and nagged. But other than the cough, I didn’t feel too bad…until about two in the afternoon, when suddenly such a wave of exhaustion came over me I couldn’t even think.

That obviated spending Saturday evening on the current Chinese academic paper, meaning I had to finish it yesterday, when I also didn’t feel at all like working…much less dealing with Word’s effing weirdness.

Felt a little better on arising this morning. Am still so tired that really, all I want to do is go back to bed…and it’s 9 in the morning.

But there’s just too much to have to do.

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  1. Maybe it’s time to try some home remedies to suppress the cough?

    Yesterday I visited my friend who’s also been struggling with “the cough.” I brought her some treats to tempt her to eat and an unusual orchid I found while shopping at Home Depot of all places. (She loves orchids and is great with them.) She had seen the doctor nearly two weeks ago about the cough, and that doc gave her some antibiotics. She felt worse after a few days and reported this back to the doc. Then she was directed to go to the ER to have a bunch of tests. I guess she has a history of pulmonary embolism and they wanted to make sure she didn’t have that. Luckily, she checked out OK, but the ER doc told her to stop the antibiotics and she said she felt much better after doing so. She still has the cough and the tiredness, but is slowly getting better.

    It seems like rest and only light activities are the best with this bug. Maybe you can allow yourself some extra sleep or lazy time.