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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Wake Up America!

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Over at Facebook, I suggested we need a new national bipartisan movement called “Wake Up America!” Its name could be taken as direct address (Wake Up, America!) or as a call to action (Wake Up America!) for people who are shocked and dismayed by the present goings-on. It’s getting “Likes.”


And it is time to take action. Everyone who has even the faintest sense of good will toward our country and our people must get off our duffs and start working for a better future. That does not mean a worse future where millions of people have no health insurance, where the many aftereffects of rape can make you ineligible for insurance coverage, where Americans can’t get jobs, where elected representatives work to take the “public” out of public education, where ignoramuses tell us science is “fake,” where the our leadership seeks to crush the Constitution and the Fourth Estate, where women are to be put back in their place — barefoot and pregnant, where Dodd-Frank is undone and Wall Street is invited to treat us to yet another back-breaking recession, where political appointees are explicitly exempted from ethics rules, where we have a clownish, dangerous buffoon in the White House….and on and on and freaking on.

A friend got herself chosen as a precinct committeeman (well, committeeperson, eh?) in our district. She invited me to go to the monthly meeting and see if I wanted to get active.

The shindig was in a church, in a large meeting hall. And to my astonishment, the place was packed! They said hundreds of people were flocking to volunteer support and time.

Understand: I can remember when all the liberals in Arizona could fit in one person’s living room. So that really is astonishing.

Ended up volunteering as a precinct committeeman myself.

I’m not fond of politics. When I was a young thing, I dated a man who had political ambitions. He was a sidekick of a state representative from Prescott. It was during the Goldwater presidential campaign. In California, I’d been a Goldwater Girl (believe it or not!) and an active supporter of the Republican Party, anti-Communism, isolationism, de facto racism, and every right-wing -ism you can imagine. We lived right down the road from Knott’s Berry Farm, a nexus of John Birch Society activism, and I used to go over there and buy books off their shelves.

Yet I was never so thrilled as when John Kennedy won the Democratic Presidential nomination. A bundle of contradictions, I was.

Anyway, this guy, our Handsome Hero, was deeply involved in Goldwater’s campaign. He and his mentor went to the 1964 Republican convention, and he came home with proud stories of all the “Dirty Tricks” the two of them got up to. He actually bragged about the vandalism and subterfuge they committed to prevent anyone who opposed their guys from being heard. He also told me, one evening, that part of his job was to hustle up prostitutes to entertain visiting political bigwigs while they were in town.

All that and more utterly turned me off not just the Republican Party but politics in general. It’s a dirty, often unethical game.

Right now the worst of the unethical are in power. And if we care at all about our country, we need to step up and do something about it.

I can’t do much. I don’t have billions of dollars to buy a political office. I don’t have the personality or the drive to run for office, even if I did have that kind of cash. But I figure the least I can do is get out the vote.

That may not be hard, given the number of people who showed up at that meeting on Tuesday…

Now is the time, my friends. Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country.

Wake Up America!

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  1. Don’t blame me, I voted for Hilary. ;o) Seriously, if Arizonians are fed up with the Big Orange, there’s hope for the rest of the country. Then again, I have a gut feeling that he’s going to be impeached. A successful impeachment would be a mixed blessing, because then we’ll have Pres. Pence, but at least he’s not a nincompoop. Doesn’t seem to be, anyway.

    • I don’t know. One feels so much in the dark doesn’t one?

      If we’re lucky enough to get rid of Trump, we may be…not so lucky.

      Mike Pence is a practiced politician who knows how to get his way without drawing attention to what he’s up to. And he’s a doctrinaire fundamentalist who wants to curb women’s reproductive rights, erase environmental law, erase safety and health workplace regulations, delete Dodd-Frank, pack the Supreme Court with ideologues, replace public schools with a voucher system to underwrite private religion-based schools, put poor people in their place (by God!), muzzle the press, and on and on and on. I think he’s truly dangerous, because he’s capable of pushing through a very ugly agenda and making it stick — because he knows HOW to make it stick.

      IMHO America is in the worst predicament we’ve seen since the U.S. Civil War. About the best we can hope for is that they piss off enough voters to change the character of Congress in 2018. Failing that, I fear, we’re screwed.