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What??? A Budget Miracle?

   questionmarkgreenWhat on EARTH? December’s AMEX bill came in: $348.36.

Since I charge almost everything on AMEX and normally budget $1100 for all costs other than utility bills (and now, the damn car payments), this is a little startling.

Okay, it no longer includes the Costco bills…those are charged on Visa now. But lo! Here’s the Visa bill. $151.69???????

Total: About $500?


What the heck?

Well, the $285 that I spent to replace the two pairs of shoes that fell apart was racked up a day after the December billing cycle closed. And I got a smokin’ deal on my son’s Christmas present by buying it from Amazon on Black Friday. The gift is included on the bill, though. And even if you added $285 to the amount due, it would still come to only $785. By the time you add in all the other bills — the power bill, the insurance bills, the phone and wireless bills, the water bill, the cost of gifts for some friends, the $35 I spent at Yarnell for the hand-crafted crosses, total expenditures for this month come to less than $1500.

Have I been in a coma all month?

Or have I made some sort of bizarre math error?

Probably the latter.
But for the nonce, ain’t it grand?

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  1. Wow! That’s great. Keep up the good work, once you figure out how you achieved those results. ;o)