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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

When Rich People Get STUFF…

This defies belief.

There are some goodies in there that I’d like to have, like that red fake Tiffany lamp (who knows…maybe it’s real!) and the leather love seat and the desk chair that looks Herman Milleresque. And it would be fun to go to this event, simply because it’s always fun to ogle other people’s excess. But my goodness. After slide number 153, the brain begins to boggle. Even with an army of maids to dust all this junk, imagine living with it!

If that prospect is too oppressive, imagine having the money to allow you to buy all that junk.

What would you do with seven fur jackets, even if you lived someplace where it was cold enough to wear a fur jacket?

Ah well. Fortunately we hoi polloi have other riches, which I’ve neglected shamelessly these past few weeks.

The one that delighted me most was Donna Freedman’s lovely (and loving) Valentine’s Day piece. Now we know why she decamped to Alaska!

Frugal Scholar is contemplating jumping off the same cliff I did a few years ago…or, some of her readers might say, doing what I have done, in the House of the Rising Son.

Naked Girl in a Dress reflects — or is led to reflect, by words from the mouth of a babe — that not everything in life has to be perfect.

Heeee! Revanche emits a very funny series of rants about television ads, to which she’s been exposed more than normal of late.

LOL! Nicoleandmaggie’s report of one of those incidents with students that leave a person in her 30s feeling like a dinosaur evinces a long and often hilarious serious of responses from readers.

And Mutant Supermodel spins off a whole new post from that one, entertaining and embellished with an amazing video.

At Blue-Collar Workman, TB considers the ins and outs of bidding for small contracting jobs.

Money Beagle reports an interesting experience with Sprint…one that entails a paradoxically unwelcome $556 credit balance.

NZ Muse experiences an incident that brings up a favorite PF blogger conundrum about picking up the restaurant tab.

At Planting Our Pennies, Mrs. PoP considers perspectives on pain.

Over at My Journey to Millions, Evan suggests several ways to cope with insufficient retirement savings, a predicament many Americans will find themselves enjoying. In 2010, the U.S. Census Bureau published a study suggesting that just 56% of singles are prepared for retirement. If that figure holds true for couples, about half of us need to start thinking now about how we’ll put food on the table during the 20 to 30 years we can expect to outlive our jobs.

And speaking of retirement, Crystal posts a report on their retirement preparations over at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff. Here’s a pair who aren’t going to be dining on cat food in their dotage!

Five-Cent Nickel contemplates the sequestration drama crisis. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in Washington…and interesting to see what happens to the country as a result.

By the way, on more down-to-earth subjects, have you seen this adorable site? Just yesterday, I saw a dog that  looks just like Hufflepup and almost stopped my car to ask his humans if they were the proprietors. Note that in “Socializing and the Pier” he’s smootching a critter that looks suspiciously like a corgi.

Uh oh…time to stop this. System went down and erased this entire post. Fortunately while its whirling mandala was grinding away, I raced over to the MacBook, called up Funny’s dashboard, and managed to copy and paste all the content above into a Word file, rescuing almost two and a half hours of work. That was close!


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  1. Was there a computer for sale at that estate sale? =)

    • {chortle!} Prob’ly. It looked like everything else in the world was.

      Actually, I think the issue was Firefox. FF crashed; other programs stayed up.

  2. You use words I dont know sometimes. hoi polloi. I assume it means ‘the rest of us’? Or poorer people? Or regular people? Something like that. I think if my wife and me had an estate sale, people would be pretty disappointed! except for my tools. I’ve got good tools!

    • “Hoi polloi”…”the masses.” I think. It was one of my mother’s words…and she was a blue-collar girl. We gotta bring back those good old WORDS!l

      Yah, sales where craftsmen are unloading old tools can be great. Actually, Sun City is full of those kind of sales — either guys who brought their tools with them (couldn’t bear to part with them when they knocked off the job, I guess) or who had them for hobbies they no longer can do or want to do. In the urban area, the trick is to find tools that are clean and still in working order. A lot of them are pretty worn out.

      I’m always nervous about buying good-looking tools at yard sales around here, because there’s so much theft. People who rip off craftsmen’s tools unload them in yard sales or at the Park ‘n’ Swap.

  3. Thanks for the link!

    And hoi polloi is one of my favorite words, ever since I got it off a word for the day calendar in my teens.

  4. Thank you for the link!

  5. What other old words are you looking to bring back? My buddy wants to bring back the word “Broad” but it has a negative connotation so he is having some trouble lol

  6. I wonder what someone who didn’t know me would say about the crap in my house. I bet they would wonder why we need so many gadgets, lol. Thanks for the mention!

  7. Thanks for the link and could I ask you to pick up that leather armchair and ottoman for me? I need a me-cave and that would be perfect in it. Like my library! 🙂

    • LOL! Sure…e-mail me a credit card number and a copy of your signature…. 😉

      One of those chairs was pretty attractive. They sure had enough furniture, though, didn’t they? And it all looked passing pricey.

  8. Thank you for mentioning me! I am grateful for the recognition.