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Why Hiring Movers Makes Financial Sense

Moving is a process that is complicated, expensive, and very stressful. As a means of alleviating the expense, many people choose to improvise on the process of actually packing, loading, hauling, unloading, and unpacking their goods. They feel like that it’s one small way they can save money in the midst of all the other expenses swirling about.

Unfortunately, this decision can backfire. Professional movers such as North American have been successful for decades for a good reason: It pays to hire professional movers.

It’s best to make this decision early on so that you have lots of time to review prices and to schedule the successful bidder. So if a move is somewhere in the near future for you, for any reason, consider these points so that you can get started sooner.

Road Efficiency

Few people have access to large box trucks or 18-wheelers for a move. Getting them requires the arduous process of getting a rental truck, which may or may not be available on your moving day. You may also have to operate a vehicle that you aren’t comfortable driving.

Plan B is to borrow pickup trucks. Lots of them. This brings about all kinds of potential disasters, such as wrong turns, dumped loads (we’ll discuss more on that in a moment), and damaged vehicles.

A professional company will come to you with vehicles designed for exactly what you are doing. They’ll know how to drive them safely, and the vehicles will have enough capacity that you don’t spend the whole day loading and unloading tiny loads and making dozens of trips.

Property Preservation

Movers are professionals. They know how to package, load, secure, carry, and place your valuables inside the trucks and inside your new home. They will bring enough personnel to handle the job effectively and safely.

Doing the move yourself can sound good in direct costs, and it truly is cheaper up front. You call in a few favors, provide some pizza, and get everything done within a reasonable time frame.

But the hidden costs show up after your plan is put into motion. One friend wrenches his back unloading the truck. A mirror breaks during transit. A bulky dresser gouges a hole in the wall as it’s carried inside. You get the idea.

Using professional movers will prevent most of these problems, and if the mover is properly insured, that will take care of the rest.

Knowledge Base

Getting settled into your new place will require lots of input. Movers may not seem like they’d be that good at interior design, but many of them have been in a lot of homes. They’ve seen countless ways to arrange furniture and other contents in a way that maximizes space, optimizes traffic flow, and otherwise makes the home more livable.

As professionals, they’ll take the time to discuss these things with you. They only want to move that heavy piano once, so they’re going to help you think it over. Your friends and family will be content just to get it in the door and put it down.

There are some things you can’t help about moving. It will be stressful. It will be scary at times. It will be complicated. And yes, it will be expensive, even though you can deduct certain costs. But saving money on the big picture isn’t nearly as important as executing your move in a way that will not only be financially better but will also prove to be less stressful, scary, and complicated, too. A professional mover is the ideal method for getting from one home to another with the least possible fuss–and cost.

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