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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Woo Hoo! Thank you, Apple…

…for selling me on an extended warranty!

Not only are they going to replace the keyboard for free (assuming they don’t find any liquid damage), but they’re going to replace the entire topside of the thing AND the ever-annoying battery and do a whole bunch of other spiff-ups and repairs. All this, indeed for free…unless they find evidence of a liquid spill. Which they will, because a year or so ago I did spill a few drops of water (coffee? don’t recall) on the keyboard. Thought it didn’t actually get between the keys, and it hasn’t caused any trouble in all these months. But when they see that, they will disavow the free service but still “only” charge $300…when their normal fee would be $1500. And this is because, contrary to my native instinct, when I bought that thing a year ago I bought an extended warranty!

Weirdly enough. Because normally I don’t approve of extended warranties. Most of them are rip-offs, because it’s a rare appliance or gadget that craps out within an extended warranty period.

So the MacBook is down at the MacShop for a week or so. Meanwhile, on the way home it crossed my feeble little mind to wonder if the Microsoft ergonomic wireless fancy-Dan keyboard I bought as a workaround for the “B” key and the “shift” key that don’t work and that has to be attached to the laptop through the exceptionally annoying goddamn dongle would…hmmm?…work on the antique iMac that serves as desk decoration and a substitute television in my office.

Trot in the house, attach the wireless doodad to a USB port on the iMac, and LO! It breathes! It lives!

Besides being far superior to the old flat postcard of an Apple keyboard, being wireless this thing will make it possible to play (maybe even work) on the giant iMac from the comfort of the office rocking chair.

So. For a change, I’m feeling Electronically Pleased.

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt happy with a computer… 😉

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