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WTF? High-test cheap wine?

Crawled out of the sack about 8 p.m., having fallen face-first onto the bed after the mid-day feast. WTF? A couple of glasses of wine seem have rendered me shit-faced drunk!

The crazy thing is, it doesn’t appear that I drank that much of it. Pondering a near-hangover, I stumbled into the kitchen and pulled the remains of the bottle out of the fridge. It’s still half-full…meaning it’s half empty. BUT…I poured a substantial amount of it into the food.

At Costco this afternoon, I spotted a package of wild scallops. Mmmmmmm!!! Scallops!!!!!!

Naturally, one could not walk past these without having them jump into the shopping cart. And naturally, one could not cook them without slathering them in white wine. So I bought a bottle of Dry Creek Sauvignon blanc, about ten bucks.

Sautéed the little fishies in butter, garlic and herbs. Tossed in some chopped tomato. Then poured in a lot more wine than I probably should’ve: the result was wetter than I like. But good. Very, very good, served over pasta. If memory serves, I had all of two glasses of the wine.

I’ve consumed half a bottle of wine before — as in drinking it, not as in pouring it into the food and boiling off the alcohol. A half-bottle of wine is not good for me, but it doesn’t make my clothes fall off.

So I do not understand why I would get blotzed on a couple glasses of not-very-fancy wine.


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  1. We enjoy wine from Trader Joes, Aldi and Rite Aid, which is even cheaper (by more than 50%) than what you paid. Expensive wine is OK occasionally for us, but for just having a glass here and there, we’re fine with the cheap stuff. And the added benefit is that because drinking more than a couple of glasses will bring on a headache, it sets a natural limit so that we don’t get carried away!

    • You can get some nice wine from TJ’s, but it’s spotty. They take what they can get, from what I understand. We don’t have Aldi & RiteAid here, but another good source of nummy cheap wine is the Kirkland brand at Costco. Their wine guy explained that Costco gets first dibs in what I gather is the leftovers of a given vintage, some of which is very nice, indeed. Same deal as with Two-Buck Chuck: sometimes you luck into something really delicious, sometimes not so much.

      Also if you have a Total Wine in your area, there are two good strategies. First, they have a little bin into which they toss their recommended bargains of the week. This is catch as catch can, but occasionally have some very, very good wines there for very cheap, indeed. And scond, if you can bring yourself to admit what a cheapskate you are, at Total Wine if you ask a salesperson in the wine department to recommend something in your desired price range, occasionally they can point you to something on sale or just something that’s good ordinary table wine.

  2. Love the video! Perhaps it was the case of delayed antihistamines in your system.