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You Should’ve Seen the Other Guy…

Hilariously, I’m prancing off to choir this morning with a black eye. First in my over-long lifetime!

Thought I was too smart for this: I walked into a closed Arcadia door.

In my partial defense, I hadn’t replaced the stick that goes in the runner to wedge the door shut against intruders. And I was bopping around carelessly — headed outside to take a photo of the first-time-ever calla blooms on the side deck. Out of the corner of an eye, I saw the stick laying on the floor and must have unconsciously assumed the door was hanging open, as it often is on a gorgeous day like yesterday.


Fortunately, neither the door nor I broke. After applying a cold pack for a few minutes, I figured it was OK — no sign of any damage except for a sore eyebrow, which was neither swollen nor bruised.

Doesn’t hurt. This morning it was an hour after the dogs rousted me out of the sack before I happened to glance in a mirror and notice…WTF???

So that’s amusing. The whole eye is black and blue!

BUT…I managed to cover it up pretty well with a thick coat of L’Oréal. Yes, Virginia, there are some benefits to being female, after all. A little purple eye shadow on the other eye, and voilá! An old lady wearing too much make-up!

Beauty knows no pain…

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  1. Oh my goodness! I’m glad it wasn’t any worse than that. I fell down crossing the street back in late Feb. and most of my weight came down on my right hand, causing me to miss work that night. Falls/bumps/injuries to people over a “certain age” are no joke.
    I was in a car accident in my early thirties where my head hit the steering wheel (I was wearing a seat belt), and it left me with a black eye. I remember feeling self-conscious because I did NOT want people to think that a man had done that to me. I didn’t try to cover it with make-up because I’ve never worn much of it. These days it’s mainly lipstick and a little blush. Mascara is for job interviews and special occasions.

    • “…I did NOT want people to think that a man had done that to me.” Yes! That’s EXACTLY the thought that came to mind!!

      Yes, a friend of mine tripped over a cord at home and did a serious job on herself, including a nasty cut on her forehead that required stitches. Fortunately she didn’t have a concussion. But it was pretty spectacular. And my neighbor in the Old House, who was in her eighties at the time, tripped in the backyard and fell flat on her face. You should’ve seen her!! Her WHOLE FACE was bruised up.

      Fortunately, her son was a gerontologist. He was able to ascertain that she didn’t have a serious head, neck, or back injury. The bruising cleared up in a couple weeks, but it was pretty colorful at the time.

      Today mine seems to slowly be getting a little worse. So I expect that will happen for a day or so and then eventually start to heal. I hope.

  2. Yikes! Glad you’re all right.

    I am forever banging my hands and forearms on door frames and doorknobs, and have a nasty habit of catching myself in the midsection with the corner of the kitchen counter or worktable. I’d hate for anyone to think the bruises are anything but self-inflicted.

    Take it easy, and I hope your eye heals up soon!