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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Zapped and Whapped!

…and driven to a bourbon and water… {gasp!}

Just sent off 60,000 words to an Honored New Client. Another 30,000 pending. My brain was about paralyzed from that effort when in came a yelp from an existing client...eek! Would I help her get a squib off to a scholarly journal annnddddd it’s due on the 25th h-e-e-l-l-l-p!!!

Heh heh heh… Well, naturally, I’m not about to let Existing Client down, she having been around for quite awhile and also being exceptionally sweet, as human beings go.

Never rains but it pours, hm?

So I’ve been incommunicado for days, struggling to turn around the Magnum Opus for HNC. Spent three hours before breakfast working on the scholarly squib. Then fed the dogs and myself and set out to reach a stopping place 2/3 of the way through the Great Novel of the Western World.

These files can get pretty data-heavy. To give you an idea, the original file for the novel was 589 kb. For reasons I cannot fathom, the edited version is a mere 439 kb (there are some things you don’t wanna know), and the clean version is a slender 292 kb. It has, mercifully, nothing that looks even faintly like a graphic.

More to the point, though, Wyrd’s “Track Changes” function tends to make a file unstable. That’s especially so if the file contains tables, Hanzi characters, or Hebrew characters. Or Cyrillic characters. Or Arabic characters. Or…god help us. Mercifully, our budding novelist does not incline to write in Chinese and does not favor tables.

By way of getting around this instability, I’ve been using Compare Files instead of Track Changes. But HNC, delighted with the edits in the first three of his chapters, pasted them into his MS and then sent it back to me to continue. Heee heeeeeee!

You do not even want to guess what Compare Files > Track Changes on Tracked Changes will do. F’sure, I am not gonna guess and I’m not gonna try it. So that left me with completing the job using Track changes. And that is what we call “a bitch.”

Naturally, the file did crash this morning, about 55,000 words into the job. But fortunately, being wise to Wyrd by now, I’d set the program to save every 5 minutes, so lost only about a paragraph’s worth of work.

Reading HNC’s entertaining fantasy novel riles me up to want to go back to writing my own fantasy novel, the Varnis story: Queen of the Universe Meets Weird Intruders from Another Dimension (we think). But, speaking of Intruders, all the intrusions from the freaking Real World put the eefus on that scheme. I’ve written one (count it, 1) paragraph of chapter 1. 😀

Going nowhere there…

Whenever I finish whinging about this state of affairs, I’ll get on with the current academic emanation.

This influx of work, though it’s kept me glued to a chair like that lady whose body supposedly fused to her easy chair, was OK while it was raining. But today is clear and beautiful and warm, and the poor little doggies haven’t even had a stroll. Sooner or later I must get up and move around.

The influx, however, has another effect: if HNC’s payments don’t return the S-corp’s bottom line to where it was before I took to sailing the Amazon, the next index most certainly will. And about three comparable projects this year will fill the coffers nicely.

I need to net a little over $11,100 p/a to replace the teaching income; that’s a gross of around $14,500. We’re on track to do that if demand continues. But demand rarely continues.

We shall see.

Back at the ranch…

Today saw a fuckin’ FLOOD of nuisance phone calls, unhindered by the CPS call blocker. I think it’s because some bitch got through and got rude to me so I told her what she could do to herself. Probably she had the sophistication to route a sh!tload of junk calls my way.

The problem is (or was) that for some systems (depending on how much junk you’ve got wired into your cable connection) the call blocker can interfere with the Caller ID, so that you can’t see who’s calling. This means that when a call that the gadget has yet to identify comes in, you either have to answer it or let it ring through to the answering machine. That’s a nuisance, but because the call blocker has cut the number of calls down to one or two a day, I haven’t bestirred myself.

Today, though, after about the 8th call, I got on the phone to the company’s customer service.

Which is, we might say, beyond superb.

First off, their guy was able to ascertain that the incoming was random, and so probably not the result of a problem with the device. He explained that sometimes companies share phone numbers (which is exactly what i surmised Phone Bitch had done) and you’ll get a deluge for a day or two. So over the phone, he was able to help me rewire the device’s connection so it no longer keeps me from seeing the Caller ID numbers, and also to show me how to program in certain codes to block specific types of nuisance calls. Since I got off the phone from him, not one more robocall has weaseled its way through.

That’s gratifying. But still…what a nuisance to have to jump through all these hoops to keep sh!theads from constantly pestering you over the phone! Since call-blocking technology exists in several iterations, why aren’t phone providers required by law to offer it?

Okay, so now that i’m duly unwound, it’s time to get back to work. Lhudly sing goddam!



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  1. How timely!

    Today I realized that I had not had any calls since I switched on the nomorobo settings.

    I realized this, because I was *expecting* a phone call from my brother – and he and I were chatting on instant message – the phone rang once and then nothing. He said it went straight to voicemail.

    So I tried it – and yup, one ring, and dumped immediately to voicemail – which is …not at all what nomorobo is supposed to do.

    I’ve opened a support ticket at nomorobo – we’ll see if they have any bright ideas – but for the nonce, I’ve had to disable that option.

    • Grr! That’s annoying.

      Same happened with my son’s number — but as a result of user error. I accidentally hit #2 from an extension and blocked his number. With this gadget, you can EASILY unblock numbers.

      Hmmm… Check this out:

      Apparently Nomorobo has a feature to let you unblock a valid caller.

      • It doesn’t appear to be *blocking* the call – since the caller gets dropped straight into voicemail.

        I finally did get a response from NoMoRobo – a form email suggesting that I try reading their web page for help – “we promise the answer is there” – well, no, it’s not.

        I’m not feeling like I’m going to get any support from these guys…

      • Argh!!!! That is SO insulting. Y’know…if you don’t want to deal with customers, for godsake don’t go into business!

        I hate those stupid “help” web pages that you have to search and search until, if you’re lucky and only if you’re lucky, you find something tangentially like an answer to your problem. Even more, I hate customer comment boards that you’re supposed to use to try to find answers from people who DON’T WORK FOR THE COMPANY and probably don’t know what they’re talking about.

        Well anyway, now I don’t feel so bad for deciding to plop down $100 for the CPR gadget. I don’t know WHAT you’re supposed to do if you have a cell phone. Nothin’, I guess.

  2. …”what she could do to herself”….Ya crack me up Funny! For the life of me I don’t understand why these folks want to pick a fight with someone they are trying to encourage to do “bidness” with them. Seems counter-productive to me. But what do I know? And on the subject of “maddening electronic problems”. The Wi-Fi went out last night at the Ranch….which sent DW into a frenzy. I “fiddled and faddled” and hoped it was our provider and it would be solved this AM….No such luck. With a stroke of genius…. I took the ethernet cable and hooked it up to my laptop and yes we have internet coming into the modem…a good thing. I then looked up trouble shooting on routers and the words “re-boot and re-configure” have never caused such hesitation as they have today….a bad thing!!! Sooo off to the Geek Squad Boyz to test the old router (7-8 years old) and either get some free “intel”, a new router OR both. If nothing else, I have found electronic devices are “humbling” and leave one feeling “as dumb as a box of rocks”…..

    • You probably need a new router. They don’t last forever. And when you think about it, they’re on 24 hours a day…it’s not surprising.

  3. As crazy as it sounds I got the thing to work again. BUT I’m gonna take her over to the Geek Squad….the “entertainment value” is worth the gas expense IMHO. And I was looking thru BEST BUY on line…. a router almost exactly like mine…. $31….Pretty sure I’m bringing one of those little “gems” home with me….insurance….cheap insurance at that…

  4. Hmmmm. …. Funny you were right….It was the router…Visited with the Geek Squad Boyz and my guy explained …”patiently”….that even if we did “re-boot…re-configure…re-structure” the old router would still be an old router and any fix would be temporary and this might be the time to “upgrade ” and “improve performance”. Which meant spending not $31 BUT $62….BUT I was able to install this “gem” myself and the difference is night and day. This thing is REALLY fast. And MORE SECURE….I have always had the suspicion that the “kid” (early 30’s) next door was “stealing my WIFI”. Never caught him but when he would arrive home about 10 minutes later my WIFI slowed to a crawl or bumped me off. And “the kid” spent an inordinate amount of time in front of my house “stretching before his jog” with a device in hand. Pretty sure those days are over “kid”. Did get some clarity on my 7 year old router… “in dog years” it was actually like 84….Rule of thumb is 3-4 years for a router…5-6 years is remarkable….7-8 years puts it in the “incredible range”.

    • Glad to hear you got a new one.

      I had a similar experience with the modem Cox installed. After awhile things weren’t working well. I call the SOBs and they tell me I need to buy (from them) a spectacularly expensive new modem. Fortunately, she describes the specs for this marvelous miracle machine.

      Call my son to whinge. He says, “you can buy those anywhere.” So we go over to Best Buy, purchase a new one as described, plug it in, and voila!

      Did the same thing with the router a year or two later.

      Planned obsolescence runs on steroids, when it comes to electronic hardware.

  5. Funny you may want to stop in Best Buy and look at the new line of electronic gizmos. They have a new device that is, as I understand it, a modem, router and device for your Ooma/VOIP connection for your phone to plug into. A bit pricey….but fast…and just one device. Very educational visit….