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Funny is a creature of the early Cretaceous who, over many eons of living and working, came to realize that money—making it, spending it, investing it, losing it—is the source of much of the stress that infests our lives. Money is a metaphor we use to describe stress, and we also attach it, often in unhealthy ways, to the time we have given to us in our lives. This blog explores the connections between personal finance and stress control.

The trick to living debt-free and building wealth is simple: live within your means. Never commit yourself to paying out more than you have coming in. Frugal habits are often the habits of simple living, and so simplicity is a path to frugality, to self-sufficiency, and ultimately to wealth.

Simple living also is a pathway to freedom from stress. We can’t do away with all the stress in our lives—that would make for a pretty boring existence. But by cultivating habits that lend themselves to frugality and clutter-free living and by focusing on what really matters in life, we can cut out a lot of static and distraction.


Sadly, we have had to delete the “Contact” form for this website because of chuckleheads using it to direct volumes of spam to my email in-box. Why anyone would buy anything from clowns who do a thing like that escapes me, but apparently hope springs eternal in the scammer’s breast.

If you are interested in placing a guest post at Funny about Money, say so in a comment to the most current post and I will refer you to my agent.

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    Something else we have in common: gardening!!!
    We also have a devil tree, but thank God it’s in the front
    yard, farrrr from the pool!
    Will read your stuff more when I don’t have to dash off to my
    next class.
    Doncha love those ridiculous water bills??? “-)

  2. Flame? We are on fire, call 911 now.

    Stories about people and anything that has to do with the earth, starts here.

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