Coffee heat rising

Stormy stormy day…

Okay, now for something…completely not different.

{grrrrrrr!} Possibly a glass of wine to go with it.

What is NOT different? Cox’s pi$$-poor Internet service.

LOL! In a classic Cox Moment, their connection goes down JUST as I stumble upon an exceptionally promising source going on about the accursed peripheral neuropathy. {One of the prime thangs it sez is that you’d best not drink alcohol. ANY alcohol. EVER.} {hmmmmmmmm… Well, I’m already at Death’s Door with this effer, so…do I care if another glass of white wine kicks in the deadbolt?}

Try to reach a Cox rep on the iPhone. This is actually a GOOOOD thing, because it forces me to learn to use the gadget. Reach a sweet young lady. She is as flamboozled as the rest of us. But she very charming…no doubt why Cox hires such creatures.

Can’t get Carol on the Magical Mystery iPhone (powered by T-Mobile}, so stroll across the street. They have a different carrier: she’s online. We try to find Cox outage info….hilarious!

We schmooze awhile. Her little dog is even cuter than Ruby, which is sayin’somethin’.

She shows me a scorpion Tom snared. HOOLeee shee-ut! He found it in the backyard. That means the li’l fellas are all over our corner…if not now, very soon will be.

Dunno if you folks have these charming li’l critters in your parts. Hereabouts, a scorpion is One Scary, Nasty Critter. You don’t even wanna know how far beyond description a scorpion bite’s pain registers…

I find another shingle down…in their driveway! This, a remnant of the current ferocious desert windstorm. It looks the same as the one New Neighbor and I found in the front of my house. NN and I could find no sign of a missing shingle on my roof (though it’s hard, probably impossible, to view the entire roof from the ground), but it’s pretty clear this thing is either from Tom & Carol’s or from some other decrepit building. So…uhm…there’s SOME hope that the Funny Farm’s roof remains intact, the FF being among a number of decrepit buildings.

Wherever Sally (or what remains of her) is, I’m sure she’s VERY glad she moved on to the Other World and the kids have got that house. Poor young pups! Luckily, they have parents, who presumably will help them navigate what are no doubt about to be some very choppy waters.

Heh. I think I’m quite charmed with New Neighbor. Haven’t met Wife yet, but I assume that if she matches him, she’ll be a nice addition. Dayum, but I do enjoy young people. Old people, too, come to think of it. But the young ones: yeah!

Guess that’s why I persist in teaching college and returning adult students for next to nothin’….