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A Minor Miracle…and Another Nuisance

Apparently yesterday’s fall didn’t damage the arm any more than it was already damaged.

Et voilà! As we scribble, the phone jangles. Costco: the tires I bought yesterday are in. I must arrive at the northwest corner of the Valley to get them installed: 3:15.

Ohhhhhhhh goodie. Nothing like three hours’ notice for a nuisancey errand, eh?

Jeeeemineee, could I do without this stuff.

Matter of fact, I could do without about 95% of the details of Life in Early 21st-Century America.

Where were we?

Ah, yes: the busted paw.

Thought for sure I wuz gunna end up back at the Mayo yesterday afternoon. But incredibly, the tumble I took yesterday did NOTHING. Other than get me all riled up, that is.

That notwithstanding, just now the last thing I wanna do is spend two hours this afternoon driving through Phoenix’s unholy traffic and then twiddling my thumbs till Costco’s guys install two new tires. On the other hand, I can’t do without the tires. Both front tires are BALD. No kidding.

The rear tires look fine. Soooo….the question is, if I didn’t buy two rear tires (did I? Don’t recall, but my excellent neighbor, Mr. WonderAccountant went up to Costco with me a few weeks ago to get something done on that car. The something, I can’t remember…ain’t old age grand???), how come their tread looks practically new.

2 thoughts on “A Minor Miracle…and Another Nuisance”

  1. Front wheel drive cars put more wear on the front tires.
    Tires are supposed to be rotated to even out the wear of the tread.
    It should be done when you get an oil change. And alignment wear is another factor for the front tires. That’s also supposed to be checked but I don’t remember how often or how many miles the dealer said to get the alignment checked.
    I only go in for service about once a year since I don’t drive very much, maybe 3500 miles annually. I’m lucky that almost every place I go is not very far.

    • Well, the thing is…I had the rear wheels, which were about bald, replaced several weeks (months???) ago. They put the front tires on the back and two new tires on the front.

      And when you’re balancing on the high-wire of senility, discovering that today I have FOUR NEW TIRES….that’s a bit disturbing.

      On the other hand, as you suggest…I’m hardly driving at all anymore. If it were safe to do so (it ain’t!), I could WALK to the neighborhood grocery stores. Wouldn’t dream of it…yet the truth is, it’s only about eight or ten blocks down there. That can’t be racking up many miles.

      Oh well. This set of tires should last for as long as I drive the car. That’s good. I guess.

      Hadn’t heard the rule about rotating the tires every time you get an oil change.

      But something even more amazing happened. Y’day I dropped by a little repair garage up in Darkest Sunnyslope, having lost my way. Chatting with one of the men there, he looked at the tires — a propos, really, of nothing — and remarked that I got some very nice, expensive tires.

      Huh? quoth I…

      Oh yeah: they had replaced not two but ALL FOUR tires…with top of the line products!

      So, another entertaining little miracle. Looked at the invoice: Nope. I paid for two, countém, two tires. Not four. So…wtf?

      It looks like Costco’s techs may have mistakenly given me four tires, very possibly much higher-grade tires than I asked for — and billed me for two!

      Hey. If this is senility, bring it on! 😀


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