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A$k Lady Karma, and ye shall re¢eive

For hevvinsake! You’ll recall how I was whining about my penurious income, part of which is a piddling $1,080 Social Security benefit? Well, Lady Karma must have read that blog post.

In this afternoon’s mail, along comes a missal from the Social Security Administration. I cringe when I see yet another summons from the Feds: it usually means another frustrating ride on the bureaucratic merry-go-round. But not always…

Periodically we reexamine our records to see if there are any additional benefits due. As a result of this examination, your monthly benefit amount has been increased to give credit for months of entitlement before you reached full retirement age, 66, for which monthly benefits were not payable. You also have been given credit for additional earnings which were not included in your previous computation.

To coin a term, huh??

You will receive a payment on or about May 9, 2012 for $1317.50. This payment includes both your new regular monthly benefit and benefits due from May 2011, the date of the earliest increase described above, through April 2012.

Seriously? You mean I could buy a pair of shoes? Dang!

After that, you will receive your monthly payment of $1,115.20.

Hot damn! They’re giving me a $35/month raise!

Hey. Every little bit counts. It’s better than a $35 cut. Thirty-five bucks will buy a meal out. It will pay the increase in the Cox bill for about a year. It will cover the increase in the amount I’ll have to self-escrow to cover the newly bloated homeowner’s insurance premium. Too, too excellent.

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  1. HA! If you keep working 9and paying into SS) after you start drawing SS, your SS payments are adjusted now and again. As happened to you.

    • Yay!

      Well, I figure to work at least until I’m 70…longer, if I can stand it. As I recall, about $1200 net was what they would’ve shelled out if I’d delayed taking benefits until I was 66 1/2. Who knows? Maybe one of these days I’ll see that amount after all. 😀

  2. Hey, that’s some sweet serendipity.

  3. Great news ! Well done!! Why not treat yourself to a little treat or outing?

  4. Well, you can be sure I’m buying a new pair of Sanitas. Maybe a new pair of Naots, too. That $300 would just about cover the cost of two pairs of shoes that don’t hurt.

  5. I literally get a knot in my stomach every time I get mail with the IRS Logo on it, or possibly worse, the New York State Tax and Finance Division logo.

    I wonder though, can you check their math? Maybe you can argue you are owed more per month?

  6. @ Evan: Ditto!

    On the other hand, if you’ve been watching my spreadsheets, you’ll know I’m in no position to challenge anyone’s math. Specially not the federal gummint’s. 😀

    Because I was forced to draw SS almost two years early when the university laid me off, I had to take a much reduced benefit. So every time they give me a little pittance more, it feels like an occasion for joy.

    I understand taxes in NY are ridiculous. It’s never too late to move to Arizona.