Coffee heat rising

Almost Time to Go…

Heh…perhaps metaphorically, as well as literally.

My head is spinning like a top. No head congestion, so it’s apparently not sinus trouble. And THAT doesn’t bode well.

Headed up into nearby Moon Valley to visit a New Doc, later on today.

Beloved Y0ung Dr. Kildare (YDK) has left the practice of medicine again. This is the second time (far’s I know…).

Tina, my business partner, had introduced me to him. I liked him a lot: he has common sense, a precious rarity among doctors in general practice.

His office was way to Hell and Gone over on the west side: almost an hour’s drive over a hectic freeway. But BFD: the Mayo is way the Hell and Gone over on the east side: another hour’s drive over insane surface streets.

But then YDK’s practice closed. His partners moved a few blocks up the street, but he didn’t go with him. The implication was that he wasn’t invited to go with them: NOT a good sign.

He took over as executive director of a major charity here. Then a few months ago, he returned to the practice of medicine AND came to light just up the road from here: an easy drive.

But now he seems to be gone again. Got a message from this new practice that I’m supposed to see Dr. Humbuggadoodle at 1:15 today.

Y’know…I don’t think I’m asking too much. All I want is a sane doctor who LISTENS to me and who seems to have a brain lodged between his ears.

Meanwhile, my beloved barracuda lawyer died. This was the guy who had been DXH’s law partner for many a year, and was one of the best litigators in the state, if not the Southwest. If not the whole damn country.

So now I’m double-screwed:

  • * No regular doctor
  • * No lawyer

The lawyer issue is pretty easy, what with DXH having spent his whole career with two of the major law firms in the Southwest. But the doctor thing: HOLEE sh!t, what a conundrum.


Don’t have to leave for the new Quack’s appointment for another hour. So…here we are.

Head is spinning. This seems to be characteristic of whateverthehell is currently wrong with me. Would prefer not to drive to Young Dr. Kildare’s former office, but I have no choice. Unless I call an Uber (and how much will that cost me?), the only way to get up to Moon Valley is to drive oneself there.

My former Dear Best Friend lived up there. A saga appertains…best not to go into all that! 🙂 Suffice it to say that she, after her husband died, crawled off to some place in the Midwest, whence she came. I know nothing of what has become of her since then…or even, for sure, whether she’s still living.

She was about 10 years ahead of me, so that would make her freakin’ elderly. If she’s still living.

The question is: Am I still living?

Hope so. Because if I’m not, then that means the Afterlife is some kinda nonstop annoying Hell. Sorta like daily life in lovely Uptown America these days.

Huh! Wonder what the deal is with YDK…. This is the second (third?) time he’s dropped out of a very nice job and disappeared into the fog.

I loved YDK and have no desire to start AALLLL OVER with a new doc, who may or may not make me crazy. I need someone who is NOT with the Mayo (and therefore is not influenced by any preconceived opinions written into my charts) and who is smart, well-trained, and insightful.

Don’t ask for much, do I?


Welp. It’s almost time to run out the door. Or rather, drive out the door.

Gawdlmighty, another new doctor. Just what I need: explain myself, explain myself, and explain myself again…it’s a long, long waste of breath.

Sincerely, I do hope this guy is not just another workaday quack, who listens to you with half an ear, dispenses clichéd advice, and leaves you royally pissed off but no better off than when you started.

Welp…off my duff and awwwayyyyy!


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