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Almost Too Good for Words

First crack out of the box this morning, The Good Gray Times reminded me that I have to prepare a dog-&-pony on editing for a meeting that will take place in about a week. Today’s paper brought this astounding bit of intelligence to the breakfast table:

The assault was described as a terrorist attack by the Belgian prime minister…

Man! Stay away from those fanatical Belgians!

I’m supposed to “present” on the subject of editing next week. Having been given a very vague topic, I’m feeling a bit at loose ends as to what to say. The morning’s instant of hilarity at least provided grist for a post at Writers Plain & Simple, a site I’ve neglected overmuch since we made the move to BigScoots.

That can be a start for the d&p, I guess… Maybe I should offer them something like 10 things to fix when editing your own work. Then I could hold forth about the passive voice, a subject one can easily spin out to 20 minutes of yakathon. I have a particularly good bleat about the passive voice. Restrictive vs nonrestrictive…always good for five or ten minutes. The abstraction ladder usually keeps people awake — lots of good images. EEEEeeeeee How can I say how much I don’t feel like writing this thing?

Yesterday I did make good progress on the second installment of the Ouija Lover series. Heh…now our supernatural hero has not one but two women in the sack. Hot diggety!

But alas, today is a TimeSuck day, so not much writing is gonna get done. On the slate:

Assign at least 3 ISBNs (ideally, get it up to ten, but this is a time-consuming proposition)
Post Fire-Rider VII to Amazon
Create the “editing” PowerPoint
Prepare hand-out to go with the PowerPoint
Plug Fire-Rider VII on various social media
Begin drafting an article for LinkedIn, which REALLY needs to go up next week
Study Smashwords’ freaking endless set of formatting instructions
Try to apply these to the first Fire-Rider installment
Begin figuring out how to get FR up on Smashwords
Figure out how to recruit people to review Fire-Rider installments, which entails…
Figure out how to post FR episodes as freebies
Remove cookbook widgets from all websites

In the absence of much editing work to assign to my associate editor, I’m hoping to foist the Smashwords formatting on her or on one of her underlings. A cursory read of SW’s godawful how-to PDF suggests that a strong grasp of Wyrd is all that’s needed. We both have that, with a vengeance; she’s probably more skilled with it than I am. And I think we could take one of the templates I’ve purchased and simply modify the styles to provide the desired font and type size.

Last night I took the cookbook off of Amazon. The formatting in the file that went online was a mess — something that was not visible in their click-bait “reader.” I had no idea what a fiasco I was publishing until I downloaded a full-bore .mobi reader and figured out how to make it work. Once the document was “saved” to Amazon’s server, I found I could not overwrite it with corrected copy, nor could I delete it and re-upload corrected copy.

The thing has a very complex layout structure, with heads, subheads, and lists. Smashwords will not let you use Wyrd’s automatically bookmarked level A and level B subheads…you have to go through the entire damn thing and manually enter bookmarks, then go back to the manually constructed TofC and enter links to those.

Well. With 125 recipes plus a four-chapter section on the 30-pounds diet, that is going to be a ridiculous job!

The print copy looks just fine. So I may just buy a bar code & UPC from Bowker and have it printed on the PoD’s cover, and then sell only hard copy on Amazon and Smashwords. Not promising, but better than just tossing out all that investment in time and money.


But it was a learning experience.

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