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Are Your Name, Address, Phone Number, Income, and Credit Rating Being Broadcast to the Universe?

Holy God! Take a look at what Fabulously Broke found! Do not pass go before you click here and enter your own name.

When I went there, I discovered they’ve published my street address—with a map to my house!—telephone number; approximate age; credit rating; wealth level; value of my home; gender; marital status; length of time I’ve resided in my home; socioeconomic status of my neighborhood; type of structure I occupy and and the year it was built; its alleged value; whether it has a fireplace, central heating, central air, or a pool; how many kids I have; my educational level; my hobbies; my occupation; my interests; and my zodiac sign.

To be fair, some of these are left blank. Some are wrong—hilariously, they think my house is worth in excess of a million bucks. I wish!!! Some of the data clearly came from Facebook: I recognize the disinformation I entered there.

However… Spokeo also has another me in its bowels: Some woman by the same name is still living with my former husband at my former address. Interestingly, this woman’s information happens to match my own real-life personal data.

Folks. I divorced before there was such a thing as social media. The Internet barely existed when I ran away to the Alaskan outback. So…wherever these SOBs are aggregating their data from, it’s not all coming from the Internet.

If you go to their contact link and send them an e-mail demanding that they take your personal data down, you’re forced to enter their choice of subject lines. Select “business matter” instead of “privacy” to reach a human being. Select “privacy” and instead of sending the dear-sir-you-cur you’ve scorched into their contact form, you get instructions for a hoop-jump and the advice that the only way to get your information off their site is to remove yourself from all the social media sites you use.

In other words, if you don’t want these bustards publishing your current address and phone number to your abusive ex- who threatened to cut off your head, pee down the hole, and flee with your children to East Zambia, you may not participate in any social media of any kind. Either that, or you must leave a trail of lies wherever you go.

I wonder if Spokeo’s management can spell “class action suit.”

Postscript: Go here for an excellent video taking you through FaceBook’s new privacy settings, step-by-step.

8 thoughts on “Are Your Name, Address, Phone Number, Income, and Credit Rating Being Broadcast to the Universe?”

  1. @ Carrie: I’m going to start issuing disinformation at every turn in the road after this.

    Some of the forms you have to fill out to join various sites–Alexa is my most current peeve–make it look like you must enter real data to get in, because of course they check your e-mail address before letting you in.

    I have a cardboard e-mail address at g-mail that I’ve used for the most egregious nuisances. After this ALL requests for an e-mail will get that one, and also fake names, fake addresses, fake ages, fake birthdates, ridiculous income levels, and fake anything else they ask for.

  2. I’ve been using the alter ego of Marge Simpson for a while now. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was not listed in the directory, but many of my friends are.

  3. I confirm that they have some facts right and some wrong. I didn’t click on the multiple links because I didn’t want to get that involved in the site. The pictures on the first page aren’t mine. And information that is correct is probably readily available if someone wants to look for it. So, they have gathered some accurate information, some not, and, therefore, the site/profile is unreliable. Can’t we just shrug this one off?

  4. Thanks for posting this! Fortunately, they only have my childhood address listed, and they list me as being over 40, which is twice my actual age. Like you, they list our home as being worth over $1 million, which is definitely NOT the case. My zodiac sign is incorrect, the photos of on the front page are not of me, and it says I have children. It doesn’t give out my full address. Instead, it prompts me to sign up for a membership to the site in order to get the full address.

    I’m lucky that my current address isn’t listed there or anywhere else that I can find. I’ve also been listing fake birthdays on social media accounts, and I haven’t changed anything to my married name. I like being off the radar for now.

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