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August 24 Roundup

The other day as I was editing the cookbook I intend to spin off Funny about Money in the near future, I ran across a link to a blogger whose writing I used to admire back when we all used to participate in a prominent (now defunct) make-it-at-home carnival: Rachel of Small Notebook. Turns out her site had been quiescent for awhile, but by sheer coincidence she had just resurfaced with this amazing piece of writing. I’ll not say what it’s about — you must read it yourself. It’s one of the most heart-touching essays I’ve ever come across. The magazine-writing students have to produce a personal experience piece this semester…I’m posting a link to Rachel’s story for them to see as an example.

Meanwhile, you may have noticed some tinkering with Funny’s blogroll. Such a crowd of very fine bloggers is out there, many of them young and endlessly entertaining, that I’ve felt I’d like to include them by way of drawing FaM’s readers’ attention to some of the livelier writing in the PF blogosphere. A few that I added, within recent memory, instantly went off the air. This left us with a truncated list, and so I went in search of some new blood.

I could develop an inordinate fondness for DQYDJ — that would be “Don’t Quit Your Day Job.” This is a writer who consistently posts well-written, original articles full of insightful takes on ideas fresh and standard. No “me-too” articles here: this material is clean, new, and original. Bookmark that!

Blue Collar Workman is back, after a hiatus. To my delight: this is one of my favorite blogs.

No Accounting for Waste is another site gifted with original thinking and articulate posts. LOL! Take a look at this take on “how to lower your Alexa rankings.” Having spent a summer racking up traffic stats and ranking with Alexa, I thought this was one of the funniest (and most right-on) shticks I’ve ever read about blogging.

Streets Ahead Living: youthful, smart, entertaining, well written. Many excellent posts here…check out “If You Like Costco So Much, Why Don’t You Marry It?” 😀

Marissa at Thirty-Six Months is a lively and entertaining writer. Try starting with the post in which she questions the conventional wisdom about paying down debt as fast as possible and move forward to the present day.

The young pups are on the move. Did you see that Asian Pear has been visiting Hawai’i? After many adventures in earlier posts, she brought back loot for the family.

And as we know, eemusings and groom have been on a marathon honeymoon tour of the entire world. Check out this interesting post on the economics of Airbnb — very interesting!

Meanwhile, Donna Freedman has gotten up to some silly stuff at Surviving and Thriving. 😀 Sweet stuff, too: if you love candy, check out this awesome giveaway.

Revanche and PiC are settling in after a busy summer. Now they’re planning a belated wedding reception, a scheme infinitely complicated by the vastness and complexity of Family!

Speaking of travel, Afford Anything is in Boston, the latest stop in a busy summer itinerary made possible by her ability to make a living with a laptop.

Interesting article by David over at Prairie Ecothrifter: the Canadian government wants to know if wind turbines make you sick. While this sounds frivolous, responses in the comments draw attention to the noise and real potential problems of large-scale wind farming.

Miranda Marquit, writing at Bargaineering, discusses ways to build a Linked-In profile that will help you get a job.

Planting Our Pennies presses the readers’ button with a post on subjecting employees to pitches for charitable contributions — a hot topic, it develops.

At Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, newsletter subscribers are told that Crystal and Mr. BiFS are about to head out on a cruise; meantime we get the latest budget update, which is lookin’ good. Luckily: they just enjoyed (hang onto your hat!) a $12,000 dental bill!

Over at Consumerism Commentary, Luke asks readers whether college graduates should feel obligated to repay loans their parents took out to help them through college.

At My Journey to Millions, Evan suggests that in the mating game, credit scores matter.

To join a gym or not to join a gym: that is the question at Money Beagle, first posed by a smokin’ Groupon deal.

Frugal Scholar, wielding a $25-off coupon code, nabbed two coveted long tank tops from Chicos for a total of thirty-six dollah!

At I Pick Up Pennies, Abigail is startled at a large disparity between Petco’s charges for pet food depending on whether you buy online or at a brick-and-mortar store.

Ever wonder what preoccupies college professors? Pay a visit to Grumpy Rumblings for a peek at publishing, gender bias, and the joy of the academic career. Being retired from academia is about like being from Texas…as far from it as you can get. 🙄

Here’s a nice opportunity: Free Money Finance is seeking people to profile — drop by for instructions on how to submit yours.




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