Coffee heat rising

Back again…for the nonce, & with an addition

The server seems to be going up and down. Wasn’t able to post earlier today…now it’s late and the Old Bat is tired. Urkl.

At this point, part of the Blogging Empire is over at and part is self-hosted over here at a friend’s server. I think, just by way of having everything in one place, that I’m going to move all the sites, including FaM, to Their servers are very stable and for a reasonable fee you can upgrade to a pretty generous service.

But speaking of websites, how do you like the start of the Fire-Rider site? It’s still very much under construction. With the same template as Funny’s, it has two right-hand sidebars. Fire-Rider will be issued in a 19-volume series, so I figure as each bookoid comes out, I’ll post the cover image and Amazon link on the side. Blog posts will simply be a reprise or blurb highlighting each new volume’s action.

The image was drawn by my friend Gary Bennett, fine artist and multi-award-winning illustrator and Arizona Highways art director.

I’m pretty sure there’s a way to hide the menu above the banner image, but so far haven’t figured out how. If anyone knows, please feel free to clue me in!

Meanwhile, I yam going to bed…