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Chant choir performed at tonight’s evensong service. It’s a monthly event in which a professional musician performs for about an hour before a high-church service that is almost all chanted. This evening was amazing.

Our director, Scott Youngs, performed a spectacular organ recital. The church has a world-class organ, and in fact the building itself was designed to accommodate it. In addition to his manifest talents as a music scholar and teacher, Scott is a gifted organist. He played pieces by Langlais (with whom, it develops, he studied in Paris), Bach, and Brahms. Absolutely magnificent music, and performed magnificently.

Afterward, eleven of us sang for the hour-long evensong service, mostly Latin chant. It amazes me that I can do that; it certainly would not happen without Scott’s tutelage, and the presence of several professional and near-professional-level singers on the choir.

What a privilege, to work with this man!

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