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Over at 20s Finances, proprietor Corey Frick got my attention with a post suggesting, eloquently enough, that one should get to know one’s professors — assuming one is in college, of course. It’s a good idea, within reason. Most faculty enjoy students and like schmoozing a bit. And sometimes faculty can give you a leg up with a variety of opportunities, such as internships, graduate assistantships, and fellowships. However, it depends on what the faculty member is doing at the time, what priorities are placed on job performance (teaching is often low on the evaluation totem pole), and whether the person is actually an employee or is an adjunct contract worker. Adjunct faculty often have no place to meet with students, and pay is so low that any work done outside the classroom amounts to free labor. And meeting with students is a form of work. Also, there are circumstances in which it can be unprofessional for faculty to “hang out” with students.

Here’s a very nice rumination from Revanche at A Gai Shan Life on the subject of charity and generosity. As a tightwad and the daughter of a fine artist of tightwaddery, I find it difficult to think clearly about this…the bag lady syndrome tends to get in the way. I’m willing to volunteer my time and talents to certain causes, but I really don’t like giving money. One reason for that is indoctrination by my father, whose mother forked over her entire inheritance — the inflation-adjusted equivalent of something over a million dollars — to scam artists and a questionable church. My father was left with an abiding distaste for organized religion and was dead set against charitable giving of any kind. In his memory, I’m pretty damn skeptical about giving money to causes, myself.

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Dayum. Pup just damn near drowned in the swimming pool!

Wet bluejeans sure are heavy…

Oh well.

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Where were we?

Revanche’s reflection about charitable giving and attitudes thereunto inspired another post on the subject over at I Pick Up Pennies, one that segues into a fugue on bag lady syndrome.

And speaking of good works, you’ve gotta read this amazing story at Asian Pear!

There’s a great post at 101 Centavos about stupid interview questions job applicants have been known to ask. Heeee! If you’ve ever been in a position to hire, you know these make some of your interviewees look smart…

Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff never, ever ceases to amaze me. This pair, IMHO, is the ultimate PF blogger’s role model.

Along the same lines, Mr. & Mrs. Planting Our Pennies also take stock of their finances. Very nice. Everyone who has money in the market seems to be feeling pretty good about things these days!

Over at My Journey to Millions, Evan is doing reasonably well with the dividend income, too.

LOL! I almost fainted when I saw last month’s Fidelity statement…the crazy thing earned over 23 grand! In one month, enough to support me for a year, when combined with Social Security. More than enough, come to think of. I try not to get too exercised about those statements, though: next month it could just as easily show a $23,000 loss. 🙄

Here is a highly entertaining — and amazing — story at DQYDJ, occasioned by some wacky speculation about the possibility of the Russians having some fun manipulating US treasury debt. The figures boggle the brain.

Like 101 Centavos’ “Fish Wraps,” nicoleandmaggie’s round-ups can be too much fun. Definitely check this one out.

The Frugal Scholars are engaged in a bizarre saga with what appears to be a demented dentist’s staff. You need to scroll back through the site to get the whole, strange story. I dunno…if it were me, their most recent rather polite letter to this outfit would be emanating from my lawyer. But then…I tend to go around with my .45 strapped to my waist.

A very funny rant recently appeared at Donna Freedman’s Surviving and Thriving. The story’s good, and so are some of the comments. 😀

Back in New Zealand, NZ Muse has landed a job she loves; Mr. NZ Muse is still searching and wondering whether to hold out for The Dream Job or to take whatever comes along.

Money Beagle surveys the several important things in the Beagle empire that need a checkup. And how, brother! The pool pump just went out here: that’ll be $1500.

At Streets Ahead Living, Tara posts an entertaining rant about entitlement…or the illusion of it.

Here’s a word to the wise about multi-level marketing from Mrs. Accountability.

Pup is waking up from a long nap following her trauma, so I guess it’s time to run around. Bye!





6 thoughts on “Bloggin’ Luv”

  1. I can hardly believe what we are going through–or that we continued to try making appointments. I think the dentist herself is overworked and frazzled and that she has a subpar staff.

  2. Thanks for the mention. I seem to remember seeing many a post about the pool pump, seems definitely to be a pain in your rear. Another reason I’m glad not to have a pool any more complicated than one I can blow up with a small air pump.

    I’m guessing that today’s market performance has taken a bite out of your $23k gain. Oh well, easy come easy go, right?

    Have a good week.

    • LOL! That’s exactly how I feel about it (in my mellower moments): it’s like the craps table at Vegas.

      Pool pump: it was old when I moved into this house, and I’ve been here for 10 years, during which it has run without one. single. problem. So I don’t feel too bad about it. Let’s say a pump can make it through 10 years: that’s only $150/year. And I sure couldn’t have bought the pain relief that pool provided from some physical therapist for $150 in 2013!!!

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