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Carnival of Money Stories: Labor Day Edition

Welcome to the 75th Carnival of Money Stories! The prospect of a three-day weekend must have brought out the best in our storytellers: quite a few submissions are great tales of financial adventure, some of them very entertaining. I wish I could mark all of them as Editor’s Choices. Those that spun a really fine money yarn are highlighted in Day-Glo red.

Many submissions were good posts but not stories. We saw reports, reviews, hacks, lists of tips, opinion pieces, and even an ad for a convention. A few of these were so interesting I was sorry not to be able to include them. But once again, I’ve reserved this space for actual stories in the classical sense: narratives with a plotline.

The Carnival of Money Stories is recruiting hosts! If you’d like to host a carnival, please visit the carnival’s hosting page to volunteer. It’s a pretty easy job, you get to see a bunch of interesting posts, and it brings a lot of traffic to your site.

* Adam
Your Money Relationship
The Age of No Negotiation: Apartment Edition
Good story! How landlords take advantage of college students

Free from Broke
Not Having the Police at a Car Accident Can Cost You
FFB keeps his wits about him after being rear-ended

Free Money Finance
Review: Macy’s (and the Problem with Gift Cards)
The FMFs receive a gift card for a store that’s not their choice of shopping venues

* Connie Brooks
Blueprint for Financial Prosperity
Babies Are Expensive! Total Cost of Having a Baby
Nothing theoretical here: what childbirth really costs real parents

J. Money
Budgets Are Sexy
Procrastination and Two of My Very Best Friends
How dawdling saved the author a pocketful of dough

Living Almost Large
Making Big Purchases
A couple works together to make big financial decisions.

My Daily Dollars
Please Take a Number
How paying off debt is like waiting in line — a very long line

Funny about Money
Back Again — Temporarily?
The psychosocial cost of a cheap Internet connection

Silicon Valley Blogger
The Digerati Life
15 Fire Safety Tips to Protect Your Life and Home
What you think about when a big sign reading “Fire Danger High” goes up on your block

Single Guy Money
Instant Credit — No Thanks
How long can you stay polite in the face of a high-pressure pitch for a product you didn’t ask for and you don’t want?

Mighty Bargain Hunter
Save Money While You’re Young
Older and wiser, Mighty regrets wild oats thrown to the wind…or to the pizza parlor.

* Lauren
The Business Ethics Blog
Bad Administration is Bad Business
Noxious customer service strikes at the doctor’s office

Harvesting Dollars
The Opposite of Me
An unjudgmental rumination on some people’s kids

Dorian Wales
The Personal Financier
Outsourcing Our Chores — Do We Overvalue Our Spare Time?
What’s your free time worth? Really?

My Dollar Plan
My New Retirement Lifestyle Cash Flow
What comes next, after a young mother decides to quit working

Not the Jet Set
Frugal Lunch Time Style
How one little kid got her own custom-designed school lunch bag.

* The Happy Rock
Just Canceled Netflix — Trimming the Budget Fat
Interesting (not to say amazing) cautionary tale!

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