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Challenge: Five midsummer financial goals

Having reviewed my 2008 New Year’s to-do list, I’ve decided to come up with five new goals or ideas to improve my financial life, here in midsummer 2008. Then we’ll see, come the end of the year, whether any of these bear fruit. I’m putting a reminder in Outlook to check back with this post and review whatever progress happens. Not only that, but I’m issuing a challenge to readers and other bloggers to do the same!

Here are my Midsummer Day’s Dreams:

  • Continue driving thoughtfully and conserving gas, even if fuel prices drop.
  • Build the new business with my young business partner and try to meet 1/2 of our year-one revenue goal, which for each of us would be $6,000.
  • Start and monetize a new blog in connection with the new business.
  • Monetize Funny about Money.
  • On December 31, apply the accumulated Renovation Loan fund to pay down principal by at least 50%.

I hereby tag the following bloggers with a challenge to come up with five midsummer goals or ideas to improve your finances between now and the end of 2008:

I’ll let you know when their responses appear. Meanwhile, if you put up your own midsummer resolutions on your site, please let me know so I can link to yours. Or just leave your list in a comment, below.