Coffee heat rising

Comments de-commented?

So I dunno what happened — because my level of technological sophistication stopped rising along about in 2007 — but it appears that the template we’ve been using for Funny has decided to stop showing comments to readers. I can see the link, but it won’t let me in to the comments section…so if anyone managed to get in and leave a comment, I can’t “Reply” to it. Readers say they can’t even see the comments link.


Ain’t technology grand?

If we were using Pony Express, like any sane person would…well, sure, it would take a few days before a message got to you and before my response got back to you, but eventually it would get through. Heh…barring highwaymen and a busted leg on the horse.

Our amazing Web guru, Grayson Bell is working on it. Looks like we’ll have a brand-new template by the time he’s done, though its appearance is very similar to the one Funny has been using for the past several whiles.

So stand by. Not in the Trumpian sense, please. 😉