Coffee heat rising

Coolin’ Down!

Wunderground sez it’s supposed to hit 112 today. But I wouldn’t put any money on it.

After yesterday’s scorcher, this morning is nice and balmy. Skies are overcast, the cloud cover very slowly growing thicker. It looks suspiciously like we’ll get some rain today.

But best of all, the inside of the house has cooled into the habitable range. Without the sun blasting down on the roof and the skylights, the temp in the house is an astonishing 77 degrees.


Speaking of attempts to cool down…I bought a couple packages of Talenti ice cream at Albertson’s the other day. The kind that comes in small round plastic containers. And the one I happen to crave just now? I can NOT get it open.

Ran hot water over the lid.


Tapped the lid all the way around the rim.


Knocked the lid hard on the floor, all the way around the rim.


Ran hot water over it again.


So I guess whenever I get off my duff, I’ll take it back and complain. O’course I’ve already tossed the receipt, so won’t get any money back. But after this, I also won’t buy ice cream there.

Don’t buy much at that store anyway. It’s one of those fine establishments where you don’t feel safe in the parking lot. So it ain’t much loss.

Eyeballing real estate ads.

The prices have gone completely out of reason.

Here’s a place in town…not far from where I live, as a matter of fact. They want SIX HUNDRED GRAND for it.

They’ve renovated the interior…hafta say that for it. Looks like they’ve done a good job at it, too, if you like that kind of stark effect. The backyard, while not a wreck, is gonna require some expensive landscaping. All in all, not a bad li’l house…but still…that’s an INSANE price.

But so is everything else. I couldn’t even begin to get into the coveted Central Avenue high-rise now — prices are pushing a million bucks. For two-bedroom blah apartments.

Price of a house in the same zip code? $1.15 million bucks. And up.

Here’s a two-bedroom look-alike apartment in the high-rise where my friends J & L live.  It looks exactly like their place. Under 1200 square feet…over 700 grand.


For what I could get for my house, I couldn’t afford to move anyplace in the city of Phoenix. Well…not anyplace where one would want to live. Prices are comparably crazy in Fountain Hills

This thing is a condo — an apartment — and centrally located. Look at the insane price! And you’d be running up and down stairs all the time! And it has no yard!

Sun City prices are still below the market in the rest of the metropolitan area. That would be because only a certain type of person wants to live in a ghetto for old people — thus the market is limited, to a degree. And they’re cheesily built, just like most of the cheesy new(er) construction in the Phoenix area.

Well…I’d better post this. WordPress keeps trying to throw me out. And I really should get off my duff and start moving around. ‘Bye!