Coffee heat rising

Covid-Smacked and Delinquent-Zapped

Wow! This covid bug is SOME germ!

Supposedly the version I’ve got is not very severe. But I’ll tellya…it’s got me knocked into the middle of next week!  Uhm…I think… It’s hard to tell what week we’re in.

It zaps your memory. Especially short-term memory. I can. not. remember. things that I did just a few hours ago, or things that I’m supposed to do now and in the near term.

Case in point: the pool motor busted. (Wouldncha know, eh?) So now I’ve gotta get some guy out to work on that.

Pool Dude gave me a guy’s name. I know I called the guy…but…

I can…not…remember…what…we…said!

Is he going to come by? If so, when? What day? What time?

Seriously: the conversation we had is a blank. A total blank: I cannot remember one thing we said.

So now I’ve got to call that guy up and fess up to that little lapse…what an embarrassment!!!


Yes. Yes I did talk to him. He said he would come by whenever he can — has a pretty full plate, apparently.


Also weird is the apparent variability of this virus’s effects. Some people, as we’re widely told, are brought to Death’s door.

I, on the other hand, have a cough. That’s it. Well, that and so-called “brain fog.”

  • No fever — to the contrary: my temp is in the negative numbers.
  • No headache.
  • No sore throat.
  • No stuffy nose.
  • No compulsive pounding on Death’s Door.

I suspect the “brain fog” is a real thing. Even though I’m getting damn senile, I’m not THAT senile! Normally I can remember who I talked with this morning and what we said.

So I’m left worrying whether it’s safe for me to drive the car…even though I feel fine, if some marbles are missing, am I a menace to navigation?


The day stumbles on. Now we learn I must not have been THAT sick last night. Because….quite a commotion took place a half-block from the Funny Farm, and I slept right through it.


Neighbor 1:
What is happening on Butler right now? Cops and helicopters everywhere

Neighbor 2
Suspicious person hiding near a car on NNth Ave & Funny Farm Road

Neighbor 3
Pass-Through Street is completely blocked with first responders

Neighbor 4
The Hood…never boring

Neighbor 3
unfortunately not these days

Neighbor 5…/two-teens-injured-after-stolen…
Found this article!

Two teens injured after stolen vehicle crashes into wall, fencing

Neighbor 4
3 teenagers stole a car, there was a police chase , they lost control on PassThrough and FunnyFarm Ave, one was ejected, the other they caught in my neighbors yard then the other one apparently was a few blocks north

Neighbor 6
How did you figure this out? They took out my fence and damaged property.

Neighbor 4
oh my goodness ! I’m 2 or 3 houses down i believe, the neighbor across the street spoke with the police last night and he told my husband .

Neighbor 7
If anyone has video- please let us know asap! From what I understand he took off his jacket and had a white shirt on. It was between 12-1am Saturday night. Detectives are knocking on doors looking for video.

Ring #AlwaysHome

Neighbor 7
They were hiding under our neighbors car but got away before the cops arrived on foot… :/


So it goes: Life in the Big City. I personally am getting bloody tired of it, and if my son weren’t dead-set against my moving, I would be soooo gone by now.

SDXB moved to Sun City because of exactly this kind of sh!t. I’ve lived in Sun City and don’t want to do that again. But there are plenty of other venues that are significantly less active than ours.

Fountain Hills is one. It’s halfway to Payson…but on the other hand, it’s close to the Mayo Clinic’s doctors’ offices, which could be convenient on occasion. On the other side of town, there’s Cave Creek and it’s affluent sister suburb, Carefree. Very pretty area, though expensive. The Arcadia district, over on the easterly side of town, has houses very similar to the ones in the ‘Hood but is a significantly better area.

Most of the neighborhoods in town, though, have this kinda sh!t going on all the time, unless they’re gated communities like the Country Club district. The nearest comparable area is probably Moon Valley, but because it’s solidly middle-class and has no adjacent slums, the cost of real estate there is way outside my budget. By and large comparable houses there cost almost twice what I could get for the Funny Farm. Most have no gas service, so you’re stuck with an electric hot plate instead of a real stove. And — not so obvious in the real estate photos — the houses are VERY cheaply built. Many or most of them have essentially zero insulation in their exterior walls. Many have flat roofs, so you can’t insulate the attic (such as it is) either. So they’re hot all summer despite astronomical power bills.

It’s Life in the Big City…i guess…

**** AND no, I do NOT know why WordPress refuses to double-space between paragraphs here! Yes, I HAVE tried to fix it, every which way from Sunday. No, NOTHING that I do makes it work. And so…screw it. Imagine paragraph breaks where ye please.