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Doggy update

No one ever called to retrieve the stray dog. One guy called to see if I’d found a basset—a pair had escaped from his friends’ yard. That was it.

Pretty clearly she was dumped in the park, probably because the humans couldn’t abide having their carpets peed on every 10 to 20 minutes. Or couldn’t afford the vet bills to treat what may very well have been diabetes.

Neither, alas, can I. Even if her problem was only (!) a urinary tract infection, at this point I can’t afford a vet bill for that, either. Nor, with a possible long-term disability coming up the pike, can I care for a large dog…I may not even be able to care for the little dog.

When I called the Humane Society to see if they could scan her for a microchip, they refused to speak to me—as it develops, they don’t deal with stray animals. There’s actually a state law that forbids the Humane Society from taking in strays! The instant I said I’d found her in the park I was transferred to County Animal Control, with no further discussion. The county pound, it develops further, is now a no-kill shelter. That’s why they have 900 animals for which they can find no homes.

The County sent a guy out to pick up the pooch. To my surprise, he didn’t act like a comic-book dogcatcher. He was very kind, and it was obvious that he loved animals. He said they would examine and treat the dog for whatever ailed her, and that the first thing they’d do is scan her for a microchip and try to find her owners.

So, at least they won’t put her down summarily.

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  1. And this is why I refuse to buy an animal. People need to take the same care and consideration in deciding whether to purchase a pet as they do when having a child (of course we all know that many a child was a “surprise,” but this isn’t really the case with pet ownership). You are making a long-term commitment to provide for a living thing. You can’t throw a child away when they get sick or don’t take to potty training as quickly as other children you may encounter. It is hard work.

    I hope the stray you found finds a wonderful family.

  2. Thank you! Exactly my sentiments. If you can’t afford stiff vet bills and you don’t have time or patience to deal with an animal, for godsake don’t get a pet!

  3. Thats great. At least shes at a no kill.

  4. OMG! I think I may have just found her human, on Craig’s List. E-mailed the woman and sent a photo…we should know soon.

  5. Thats great. I hope its her. Im glad your County Animal Control is a no kill.

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  7. It sounds like the county shelter is a better option than the humane society in your area.

    I think it’s great you were so kind to her.