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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Done for…well…for the time being

Incommumicada…not by choice. Sick as a dawg…not the flu (i guess…), but something surprisingly like it. Paypal chooses this moment to give me the shaft. Looks like my business is about to die. Dig and shovel and shovel and dig and come up, at great interminable expensive and painful hassle, with a possible workaround. Depends on the Asian clientele: if they can and if they are willing to wire me money instead of sending by PayPal, maybe I can stay in business. If not: time to take forklift driving lessons.

More jobs in-house. No idea whether clients can pay for them. Already had to write off $107 & change. Don’t know how to cope with it.

Subcontractor wants to be paid in cash dollars. This is an alien medium. Sort of like asking me to pay in beads made from whelk shells. Devolves into major hassle. Major hassle: I do not need it when I am sick as a dawg, when Paypal is screwing me and my clients, when I’m having to create a new account with an international bank, when I do not even know if my several dozen other clients can or will go along with this.

Going back to bed. A thousand curses upon this effing over-teched world. Seeking training in how to become a forklift operator.

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