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Eclipse: Low-Impact Version

Mercifully, Arizona was not in the path of the total eclipse. (It’s not like we don’t have enough tourists.) (And besides, what would the poor critters do with 100-degree-plus heat?) But we did get a nice partial eclipse.

A partial eclipse has its own Kewl. Why?

Well…y’know those DIY cereal-box projectors you see plugged on the Internet? Trees with lots of leaves will do something very similar. So, for that matter, will a swimming pool. So that means that during a partial eclipse, the shadows cast by a tree graced by a halo of small leaves, such as an olive tree, will display 87 gerjillion iterations of the crescent sun evinced during said eclipse.

The effect is weirdly wonderful:

Strange, strange… Does a dog notice, even?


Be thou our vision
O Lord that thou art…

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Solar eclipse

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  1. I don’t get it….We had a partial eclipse as well and everyone was outside with “their boxes” catching the event…. It didn’t even get that dark here….IMHO pretty much a “non-event”….

    • It surely seems non-eventish if you’ve been through several eclipses during your lifetime. We had one that was almost total when I was a little kid in Araby…and then I think I’ve seen three partial eclipses in adulthood.

  2. Our eclipse in Arkansas was around 90%. I went outside to stand under a tree to see the crescents. Some of my neighbors were outside and one of them had a pair of glasses, so I peeked through them a couple of times. The coverage on TV was much more interesting, TBH. But, hey, I experienced an eclipse! How many people can say that?

  3. We had about 80% here in Michigan. You could tell that it got noticeably dimmer even though the sun was still ‘out’ for most of it (there were come clouds).

    It was pretty cool.

    • It seemed to get significantly dimmer here, too, though I’m sure ours was far from 80 percent… We had light cloud cover, but there were lots of breaks — thin fluffy not-gonna-make-it-to-rain cotton blowing around.

  4. I made the effort to see the total eclipse and it was SO worth it. It was an exciting experience I will never forget. We could have seen 98% if we stayed home but we only had to drive 2 hours. Roads were a bit busier than usual but we are pretty rural here so no bumper-to-bumper traffic. When the moon totally covered the sun it was just thrilling! And so beautiful. If you ever get the chance, I would recommend even going out of your way to experience a total eclipse.