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Ecologically friendly give-away contest

Simply Forties, now comfortably ensconced in Virginia, is celebrating her blogiversary with a very nice giveaway prize: EcoSmart’s essential oil-based insect-fighting products that are billed as 100 percent nontoxic to humans. Visit and comment on her site this week, or tweet about it, for a chance to win a package of these intriguing products, just what I need in the current Ant Wars.

While you’re there, be sure to check out the rest of the blog. The latest Make It from Scratch Carnival went up today (more about which later this week), with lovely pictures of the area where she recently moved. And I was especially taken by the story of a cabin a friend built from a Home Depot kit: the result is a hunting or vacation camp with real charm. The frugal empty-nester can see grand possibilities here.

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