Coffee heat rising

Eeeek! Stop the freakin’ WORLD!

Like it wasn’t already crazy enough…

Traipse to the credit union: pointless. Guy can’t tell me any more than I don’t already know, which ain’t enough.

Stop at a Fry’s supermarket to pick up a bag of candy to contribute to this month’s KidFest. FIFTEEN BUCKS (!!!!!!!) for a couple pounds of tooth-rot!!!

Cruise east across the city, dodging a variety of mobile nut cases. Head south of Conduit of Blight Blvd., and…



Not to say WTF IZZAT???????

Seriously: What the HELL is going on in the southwest Valley?

It looks — quite literally — like a bomb has dropped over there. Huge plumes of smoke are rearing up over the tract after tract after track of cheap suburban housing. It’s Orange County East, y’know: piles and piles of ticky-tacky, sold to young (mostly white…) families at extortionate prices.

Fly into the garage. Give WonderAccountant a call: Haveya heard anything?

No, she hasn’t. She fires up the boob tube and learns there’s some kinda controlled burn going on over there: “Don’t be alarmed,” we’re urged.

Uh huh. Keep calm. Unless you’re a duck, a quail, a baby quail, a deer, an antelope, or a stray cat.

Jayzuz. TELL me, somebody, puhleeeze tell me that I don’t live in this ludicrous place.

TELL me that the County Assessor is not threatening to throw me in jail if I haven’t paid some extortionate amount in property tax by…tomorrow!

No kidding.

Did a bill for this fine civic duty come before last week?

Well. Noooooooo…..

Okay, it could’ve. Could’ve been misdelivered. Okay. Sure. But if that’s so, why isn’t a WHOLE lotta other stuff misdelivered? So now tomorrow I have to do battle to figure out WTF that’s about.

One effin’ nightmare after another!


In the wee hours of Wednesday morning

Welp…I still haven’t a clue.

It now appears that probably I indeed failed to pay this year’s county taxes. Tomorrow I’ll have to trek to the CU, find out if indeed the money was never paid, and if so, arrange to have them send it ASAP. Then somehow I’ll have to bust through the county bureaucracy to reach a human there and let them know the late taxes are on the way.

Presumably there’ll be some extortionate gouge for that, too.

It’s 1:15 a.m. What a great way to spend the night, eh?