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Found Hound

This morning in the park, Cassie and I picked up a hanger-on:

Very thirsty and very hungry, she followed us home. She has no collar and no tags, but she’s been spayed quite recently. This leads me to suspect she was just sprung from the Sunnyslope Humane Society, which microchips adopted dogs unless you tell them not to. So I figure if I take her up there, they probably can find her humans.

Or not.

It’s not a no-kill shelter, and so I hesitate to take her there. The staff can be pretty officious, and they could demand that I leave her even if all I do is go in and ask them to check if she’s been microchipped. And it’s entirely possible that the present set of humans took her to the park and dumped her: she’s not house-trained, and her idea of the loo is wherever she happens to be standing. I’ve cleaned up after her three times in the past two hours.

She’s a mellow dog, probably six or seven years old. Claws need to be clipped. She may still have stitches. And she has a spot on one ear that looks suspiciously like the mange.

Her skin is black and her hair is coyote-dust tan. Probably weighs 45 or 50 pounds. She has long, slender legs reminiscent of a coyote’s, too. In fact, when I first saw her wandering in the park looking confused and lost, I thought she was a small coyote, but then quickly saw she was all doggus domesticus. The blue tongue suggests she has a fair amount of chow in her, but her hair is not even faintly chow-like—her coat is so coarse as to be almost wire-like.

What she looks like, to my eye, is a reservation dog. She looks exactly like the mixed, mixed, and remixed mutts that roam the rez in hordes.

She’s a nice dog. Cassie’s not nuts about her—mostly ignores her except for a little competition over the dog chew toys, and except for a few moments of putting her in her place. Oddly, for a female, she’s pretty submissive and permits herself to be cowed by Cassie’s threats. Or at least, so far she has: she hasn’t growled back. Yet.

So I’m not real sure what to do with her. I’m sure the Humane Society isn’t open today. We are totally out of food. Tomorrow is the first day of the new budget cycle, and because I have to spend the entire afternoon tomorrow getting the damaged shoulder examined again, I’ll have to spend the whole morning running after groceries. I’m not comfortable with leaving her outside (although I suspect she’s been an outdoor dog all her life, given her toilet habits)—yesterday the thermometer in back read 110 degrees. It’s 94 now; supposed to be cooler today, only 104. She probably will get the gollywobbles from the human food she had, which I’d just as soon not have to clean up off the floor. It was clear from her mound that she’s been eating an inexpensive dog food. No doubt the switch from kibble to grain, veggies, and meat will give her a passing case of enteritis. In fact, I can hear her gut rumbling now. 🙄

So, I guess my choices are to lock her in a bedroom while I’m gone, so that I won’t have to search all over the house for puddles, or to leave her in the backyard and try to get home as quick as can be.

Actually, Anna’s old crate is still out in back. It’s been sitting out there rusting and collecting leaf litter for the past 10 or 12 years, so it would take some doing to clean it up. Probably not worth the effort, without knowing whether this dog will go in a crate.

Meanwhile, I’m printing up a few flyers to tack up around the park. Don’t have much hope that whoever she belongs to will respond…people dump dogs in this neighborhood all the time. They think because the place is affluent, some rich person will take the dog in and give it a good home. In fact, the rich persons just call Animal Control and have the critters hauled away.

If nobody claims her in a day or so, I guess I’ll have to take her up to the Humane Society. {sigh}

9 thoughts on “Found Hound”

  1. I hope you’re able to keep her. She looks like a dog looking for a good home and she followed you home. I believe dogs can look into human’s hearts and sense the good ones. They’re all just looking for that forever home with a good, loving person.

  2. You never know; maybe she chased a little animal and lost her way home. I’d take the dog to the human society as soon as possible. I hope either the owners will find her or you’ll be able to keep her.

  3. @ Sherry: Well, Cassie the Corgi is not pleased to have a large interloper in her house. It would be ideal if the pooch’s humans would call, but I kind of doubt they will. Signs have now been up in the park all day long, with no results.

    This dog looks like a walking veterinary bill. Cassie’s health is good, but this dog appears to have some issues. Needing to widdle every 15 or 20 minutes–copiously–is not normal. And she’s shaking her head like she has an ear infection. We need to bear in mind that I just had to cut my already tight budget by another $300. I don’t have a lot to spare on someone else’s dog.

    Also, the reason I got a smaller dog is that I’m getting too old to cope with an animal that I can’t pick up in an emergency and that is capable of dragging me down the street.

  4. Please try to keep her as I am sure you are her only chance at continuing life. She may just have an ear infection which our dog had. It required drops. Not a huge deal. Also if she is itching, try olive oil on a Q tip. It is anti-inflamatory. I know you have huge challenges to deal with now and don’t need this too, but I remember that you were considering a 2nd dog. I know it wasn’t this variety but sometimes God has other plans. This one really needs you.

  5. If you suspect she is microchipped, any nearby vet should be able to scan for the chip. It should be free. I had this done when I found my Carlito (dog) and also my Taylor (cat) since she was declawed and fixed. No chip in either animal.

  6. God love her, following yall home. She sensed you were good.

    Our JD (dog) followed us down the street. Five years ago he was a pitiful pup at Sonic looking for a handout. We threw him most of our burgers. We left and he ran after us. Mam pulled over, I hopped out and opened the door and he said take me home please. He knew two fat girls giving up there food had to be good people.

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