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Funny is chosen for March Madness

w00t! FMF e-mailed to say that Funny about Money’s rumination on “Truth, the Highest Thing that Man May Keep” has been selected for this year’s March Madness competition at Free Money Finance. Some excellent posts, many by eminent PF bloggers, are included, and so I feel very flattered to have made the cut.

FMF posted the competitors and their categories today. The contest starts January 18, so be sure and go there and vote for Funny!!!!

Vote early and vote often. 😉 Remember, March Madness goes through several rounds, so don’t slack off just because you’ve already voted in one round.

Winners have a donation of $100 to $500 made in their name to a charity of their choice. I’ve selected my church and, especially, the choir.

When the new pastor learned that I’d been laid off my job, he called on the phone, if you can imagine, to offer his sympathies and to say the church would do what it could to help me out. Then he talked me into making a pledge of one dollar. Would I ever love to do him five hundred better!

You can make that possible. As soon as the games start, join in the fun and support Funny every step of the way.