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Get better hamburger, cheaper

Dropped by the Safeway on the way home from the Apple Store. Checked the butcher’s sale counter, and yup! They had 7-bone chuck roasts for $2.79 a pound. Since that’s significantly cheaper than Safeway’s hamburger, I always get a roast and have the butcher grind it up for me. Also I ask to have any bones that come with, which I can use to make wonderful beef broth.

Their regular hamburger, cobbled together (according to the sign) from carcasses hailing from Canada, the U.S., and Mexico, ranged in price today from $3.37 to $5.29 a pound! For hamburger. For not very good hamburger.

The amazing thing is, when you have the butcher grind a roast for you, the result is infinitely tastier than what you get when you buy packaged or butcher-case hamburger. It NEVER drips water into the fire. It never leaves you with a frying pan half full of water and…stuff. It came from one cow, not from some unknown number of cattle, and you know what the meat looked like before it was turned into hamburger.

In this case, frugality not only works, it works better.

Believe I’ll cook up some broth with the chuck bones and a few others (I also picked up, very cheap, some lamb neck, and I have a few other bones in the freezer). Then with the burger I’ll make some of that albondigas soup I posted a while back. Yum!

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