Coffee heat rising

Gettin’ Old…or Gettin’ Walloped?

Lordie, it’s only ten to seven p.m., and I’m so tired I can hardly see.

Ruby is crapped out at the bottom of the bed, presumably also reamed, steamed, and dry-cleaned.

Of course, we’ve been awake half of every night, what with the New Year’s “celebrations” and various acts of vandalism.

Meanwhile, the docs out at the Mayo want to subject my brain to an MRI. Looking into this procedure, I decide that on this, they are not a-gunna get their wish.

Half the afternoon (or so it felt) at the physical therapist. That guy is some kinda low-key miracle worker. By the time I left his precincts, the hip pain was gone — as in GONE gone — and it has stayed gone all afternoon.

Dog and I walked, fairly briskly, for about an hour this evening. So…I guess I’m not crippled.