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Glasses: You get what you pay for!


OMG!!! Just got back from picking up the $720 glasses of late, great fame. I can’t believe it… They don’t just work, they work with a flourish. I can see better through these than I’ve been able to see in years. In the car, I can see the road and all the signs around with crystal clarity, and see the dashboard perfectly. Hee! I haven’t been able to read the digital clock since I bought that vehicle…who knew it wasn’t Toyota’s fault?

On the way home I stopped by the Walgreen’s to pick up some dog-bandaging gear (more about which, soon), and mirabilis! I could actually read the fine print on the packaging!

It gets better. Back here at the Funny Farm, I experimented with the laptop computer, expecting exactly…not much. But lo! The little monitor is clear as a bell! The Mac defaults to show a fairly small image, so I’m often command-plussing to enlarge it. Noooo problem reading it. That’s not surprising, though, because it sits down fairly low when you’re loafing on the sofa while computing. Still…I couldn’t even begin to read the MacBook through the Costco progressives.

And I just discovered that I can even read the iMac’s monitor, if I jack up the desk chair as high as it’ll go. Since a little footrest resides under the desk, the fact that my feet barely reach the floor is moot. The footrest holds my feet & legs at a very comfortable angle.

You realize what this means?

Holy mackerel. It means GOODBYE TO THE VISION SYSTEM!!!!!

No more jerking around between three pairs of glasses. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to use these glasses for choir. Just these glasses…no switching back and forth with ultra-strong readers. Would that or would that not be awesome?

There’s a lot of frosting on this cake: these glasses fit my face! The Costco pair looked like goggles. When I said I looked like Ma Makutsi from The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, I wasn’t kidding.

They’re so feather-light, it feels almost like there’s nothing hanging on my schnozz. It would be easy to fall asleep in these things, because you hardly even notice their presence.

And the marzipan roses on top of the cake? They actually look nice! In fact, they look amazing! The frame has this tiny, delicate temple piece of amethyst metal, and Tommy, the glasses dude par excellence, added a perfectly matching color around the lens edges. The effect is  too, too kewl!


6 thoughts on “Glasses: You get what you pay for!”

  1. I think you seldom get what you pay for. I’m glad that-in this instance-you did. You must admit that the price of frames is completely ridiculous, right?

    Have you gone back to Costco? I still think you can get a refund.

  2. @ FrugalScholar: Yes. The frame price is just freaking absurd. On the other hand, M”hijito had a similar experience with a pair he bought at Aspen Optical, surely one of the most outrageously overpriced optometrist’s shops in the land. They lasted him almost ten years, and he loved them.

    No, I haven’t made it back to Costco yet. I wanted to see how these worked before I went over there and raised hell. That’s got to be one of the next expeditions.

  3. Now that’s a major quality of life improvement. Congratulations. Wishing you many happy years of great vision with your new glasses.

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