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Gonna Be Incommunicado for Awhile

You’ll recall that the City is supposed to pave our alleys — or actually, just blacktop the dirt by way of holding down the dust.

So their contractor showed up in our part of the ’hood this morning — it’s quite a project, which requires them to blade up the alley’s surface. In doing so, they ripped out the cable connection that runs between the alley cable box thing & my house. When I mentioned it to a foreman, he said the City had given ALL the communication companies a lot of advance warning and told them to get the so-called “temporary” cables installed correctly — that means BURIED, not laid under a shallow layer of dirt and gravel.

Of late when these outfits have come to people’s homes to install or upgrade cable, they’ve just tossed the cable across the alley in what is called a “temporary” installation — allowing them to get out of doing the job right. When the City informed Cox that the lines now needed to be buried correctly for all their customers, the answer was that they’d just wait and see who called to complain! He said he’d already told three other disconnected customers this. A Cox guy is supposed to come to my house tomorrow but I don’t expect he’ll do much because the blacktopping project will presumably take at least a couple more days. So I am without a phone — on Soc Security you can’t afford a cell phone — and I expect Cox will try to soak me for re-installing the cable that they failed to install right in the first place.

At any rate, it will require Cox to DIG UP the brand-new blacktop to reinstall the damn cable correctly. For customer after customer after customer. So presumably this is going to take several days. Or more.

This post is being written in a Mayo Clinic waiting room and is probably the last time I’ll have access to the Internet without betaking myself to a coffee shop.

And so, away…probably for quite some time.

3 thoughts on “Gonna Be Incommunicado for Awhile”

  1. OMG and SMH. I guess all cable companies are the same all over the country. None of ’em give a flying rat’s @ss. I’m sorry.

    • Never tangle with a corporate lawyer’s ex-wife. I do know how to spell “Federal Communications Commission” and “Arizona Corporation Commission.” And I also know how to demand reimbursement for the down time and for the two days my business has been shuttered because of their f***-up.

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