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Gotta find a new electrician…

Ohhhhhh i shouldn’t have put this off…. 🙁  Dave, the beloved electrician and all-around nice guy who has kept the power on in three of my homes over the past 32 years, has apparently retired or shuffled off this mortal coil. When you call, you get a “this number is not in service” recording. Dayum!

I fear the worst. Dave is (was?) even older than me. I always figured he probably planned to die in the traces — it was hard to believe he lasted as long as he did. In recent years, he’s always had one of a series of young kids following him around, apparently apprentices. The man was a true master craftsman. But most of all, he was competent, efficient, and honest. He never tried to cheat or gouge the customers.

One of the kitchen light switches has shorted out. Because the Funny Farm has aluminum wiring, not just any handyman can change out fixtures and switches. To fend off flammability, you need a special piece of equipment that can join copper wiring with aluminum so as to keep the pieces from eventually working apart and causing a fire. Electricians have that device and know how to use it.

Anyway, I’ve known for a couple of months that no one was left at home at Dave’s phone number. I should have tried to track down a new guy then, before it became a matter of urgency.

Fortunately, Dave referred me to an electric supply house that he uses all the time. Those guys know him. A little later this morning I’ll drive over there and ask if they can refer me to anyone in Dave’s tradition.

{sigh} Why can’t we all last forever?

ahem…except for the Donald, of course… 😉

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  1. I share your pain….My beloved electrician of over 35 years passed away all to soon at 63 in the Spring. He was a trusted professional that became a friend over time. His son took over his “book of business”, BUT sadly I fear the abilities his Dad possessed “skipped a generation” …. Good luck in your search for an able replacement.

    • Yeah…it’s getting harder and harder to find skilled craftsmen who hire out on a freelance basis or run their own small business. It’s like secretaries (uhm, “admins”) and teachers: in the absence of union wages, young people who are bright enough to earn more money go into other lines of work.

      Over at the electrical supply store, I learned that Dave did NOT die in the traces but instead decided to retire. By that he meant RETIRE retire, not putter along casually with a few of his favorite customers. The guy at French Electric said Dave has taken up golf! 😀