Coffee heat rising

Gotta Make a Plan….

…for making a plan.

Yeah. What’s happening here is that enough of my marbles are rolling out my ears that I can barely remember my name, much less all the stuff that has to be done — bills paid, workmen wrangled, vets visited, groceries bought, car maintained…on and on and on.

It’s getting harder and harder to remember — and handle — all the sh!t that has to be done: each day, each week, each month, each year.

Just now the AC Dude showed up at the front door. (Are you kidding, Dude? It’s freakin’ SUNDAY!) I had called a week or so ago to bellyache about the circular spinning attic vent, which was making an annoying noise — right over my bedroom — in the steady wind we were having.

Helle’s Belles! I’d forgotten why I called him. And he couldn’t find any problem with the gadget.

So whatever it was, it ain’t fixed now. Unless it fixed itself.

And here I am on the edge of the pool, with my tingling feet in the cool (not cold!) water.

No. The water is not anything like cool enough to be called “cold,” this being April in lovely uptown Arizona. But still…it’s cool enough to soothe the crazy-making tingling of peripheral neuropathy, my latest fine ailment. Instead of pounding my buzzing fingers on this keyboard, I should have the hands dangling in that water, too.

Fact is, the water is almost warm enough to swim in. Not quite, though. It’s still cool enough to soothe the bzzzzzz in the feet. Which is a godsend.

So…what next?

What next is: GOTTA MAKE A PLAN. And that plan has to cover and cope with all the annoying ditz of daily life here at the Funny Farm, plus managing hired help, wrangling doctors’ appointments, dealing with the Mayo Clinic and its ilk, driving from proverbial pillar to legendary post. Ugh, how I hate all this stuff…under the best of circumstances I’m not fond of running around the Valley and wrestling various tasks. But the way I feel now: ohhhh gawd, just leave me alone!

Realized what i need is a spiral-bound notebook or calendar that can record all this fooling around. That would be easier than trying to keep up with whiteboard notes.

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