Coffee heat rising


Seven in the frikkin’ morning. Gotta be outta here in less than an hour, on the road through wicked rush-hour traffic, headed for the dentist. Big lump on a gum. Cancer???? The way things have been going, I sure won’t be surprised.

So, soooooo tired! I’ve been up since two a.m.: never did get back to sleep.  All I wanna do is crawl back in bed and be miserable in peace. Instead, I’ve gotta put my life on the line to traipse to the dentist.

Gotta marshal some strength to fight back. I’m totally under siege here, between the busted arm and my son’s concern.

I forget things. This is not surprising, at the age of 78. But M’jito is all worried: he thinks I’m getting senile. From what I can tell, as you round on your 80th year, you forget stuff…and that is normal. It’s easy enough to compensate with a notebook and a spreadsheet.


Ohhhh…kayyyy…  Now I’m dressed…after a (non) fashion. The busted arm: still in a sling, still hurts. Almost all my shirts are pullovers — and o’course I can’t get one of those over my head, not in this condition. I have some three shirts that button up the front. And they’re not exactly gorgeous with a Velcro strap slung over my shoulder. In another 10 minutes, it’s off to the dentist to find out (I hope) what the lump on my gum is. It popped up a few days ago. From what I can tell in the Hypochondriac’s Treasure Chest, it’s unlikely to be cancer. Just hope it can be left to go away (or not) on its own. I’ve had enough with the slicing and dicing!


And speaking of senility…

I get all the way over to 16th and Maryland — through cut-throat rush-hour traffic — go to turn in to the garden office complex’s parking lot…and…and…and I can’t find it!!!!!


It’s my regular dentist’s place…why isn’t it here?

Drove all around over there and STILL couldn’t find it!

Schlepped home through the hideous rush-hour traffic. On the way I stopped at the orthodontist’s…any chance that I mistook, in my senility, the place where I was supposed to go?


So I missed an important appointment, put my life on the line to do it by venturing out in Lovely Phoenix’s homicidal rush-hour traffic, got myself all worked up, missed taking Ruby for her beloved doggy-walk..all for NOTHING.


Something is to be said about living in a given city for several decades: You get very skilled at navigating rush-hour traffic.

One comes to know all the most-traveled and least-traveled routes. All the impossible traffic signals to avoid. And the most discreet parking lots to cut through to avoid a traffic jam…without attracting acop’s attention (it’s agin’ the law to do that).


10 a.m.

Yep. Just ten o’clock and it’s already  been an awful morning.

I should take the little dog for a walk. Really, despite the personal awfulness, it’s a beautiful morning. The rain has cooled things down. The before-work dog walkers have done their duty and cleared off the sidewalks.

So yeah…this is the time.

On the other hand…will venturing out just make things worse for the Walking Wounded? Maybe I should think twice.

On the other other hand…I’m in no shape to think at all..much less to do it twice.

5 thoughts on “Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!”

  1. Do you now remember where the dentist’s office is?
    If you do, not remembering then could just be caused by stress and worry.
    If you don’t, to me that is a bigger concern that you should get checked out.

    Many years ago, my husband had two different customers come into her service station. They were women older than you.
    One could not remember how to shift her car into drive to leave the station. My husband had to call her niece to come get her.
    The other one came in because she could not remember where the beauty shop was. The one nearby that she had been going to for 30 years. I don’t remember what happened with her. Maybe she just drove home.

    • Wow! Those two did take the proverbial cake!!

      Shifting from “Park” to “Drive” has got to be right up there with finding the dishwasher detergent & turning on the machine.

      LOL! “Where’s the hairdresser’s????” I’m afraid I’d drive home, call them, claim the car was on the fritz, and make another appointment. And never, EVER confess to that fine lapse!!

      One of the li’l lifesavers for those of us in our dotage is Mapquest. You can print out driving instructions or even a map,

      Yes, now I do recall where the dentist’s office is.

    • Oh my! Scary…but as I advance further into dotage, these strike me as fairly typical. One of the li’l discoveries I’ve recently made is that if you’re driving from Point A to Point B and you get turned around unexpectedly — for example, say instead of heading west you’re actually headed south — it’s very easy to get confused, This, even when you know full well you turned south a few blocks back!

      Yes, I did eventually find the dentist’s office — some hours later. And yep! It was right where it was supposed to be. Why did I not spot it??? Unknown. The only thing I can figure is that maybe I was on the wrong east-west street — all streets look pretty much the same around here,

      • That makes a lot of sense. Once you get off track, it would be easy to get confused. You’re not always familiar with the streets surrounding where you want to go.
        And if you’re running late, if you’re like me, you can get stressed about it.
        My husband is never late. In the 60’s, he was in the Marine Corp Reserves. One weekend a month they had training duty. Some guys were late a lot. So, the sergeant said the second time you’re late, you’re going to Vietnam. Only one person was late after that. And after he left for Vietnam, no one was late again.

  2. I’ve been perusing your earlier blog posts, and wonder if you might not consider buying your son’s share of the house so he can’t dictate what you do, as it would no longer be The Investment House? Then you might be able to sell and move to a location congruent with your lifestyle and desires.

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