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Have No Fear…

Funny will be back. 😀

The blog has been on a bit of a hiatus while I’ve juggled several large projects. Right now am on page 26 of 57 pages in the client’s  Chapter 2…and she’s just getting on a roll.

Seriously, it’s a sophisticated and heavily researched academic book whose author is not a native speaker of English. And I do not speak her language (gotta learn it!!!), so sometimes it takes some figuring to Englishify it.

Sooo much crazy stuff going on in our world…to say “have no fear” seems a little…ridiculous. Some of us are scared sh!tless. Pool Dude is presently armed to the teeth — he seriously expects riots in the neighborhood lanes if Trump is voted out. You can’t buy ammo for love nor money, not that it would matter because I personally have no time to pass down at the range training myself to hit a target dead-on. Nor, offhand, do I happen to have any targets laying around the house just now.

Further from the realm of neurotic fantasy and closer to the realm of reality: if you haven’t already done so, it might be wise to be sure you have enough paper towels and toilet paper to last a month or so. Was just over at the big Fry’s (the local incarnation of Kroger’s) and found the shelves about bare where those things were concerned.

Rubbing alcohol is also absent. Remember that Windex contains alcohol and will also disinfect surfaces, as will hydrogen peroxide (good luck laying your hands on any of that!). Failing either of those, you can buy straight grain alcohol under the brand name “Everclear” at Total Wine — depending on what state you live in. It’s illegal in some states. The stuff is actually a more effective disinfectant than rubbing alcohol. Do NOT drink it, no matter what anyone suggests — unless you wish to be numbered among the microbes it removes from this earth.

Back to work! Stay well…

3 thoughts on “Have No Fear…”

  1. A close friend told me the other day that an out-of-state friend who’s a religious prophet recently had a vision about civil unrest causing the kind of scarcity we saw at the beginning of the pandemic. I admit that I’ve been so distracted lately by work/personal issues that I hadn’t even considered this possibility, so thanks for the reminder that it’s a great idea to be prepared for whatever may come. Prophecy, paranoia, reading the signs, expecting the worst, whatever you want to call it, it’s best to be prepared. Period.

  2. Ah Everclear, I remember downing a slug once, to fend off what I thought was an attack of strep throat. It worked. If I was the Doomsday Prepper type, I would have a hundred cases of the stuff. A thousand uses, from aperitif to disinfectant to anaesthetic to tractor fuel to Molotov Cocktail mix to frontier currency.

    • LOL! It is an all-purpose…uhm…substance. My father used to brew something very like it when we lived in Saudi Arabia. (The Americans had a couple of stills, built by a Kentuckian who worked in the machine shop, which they used to pass around the camp.) One time he and a buddy poured a little of it in a tablespoon and held a lighter to it. It burned with an invisible flame! No kidding!

      And yes, they did drink it.

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