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Horror$! The Cost of the Weeks from Hell…

Man! I have been so stunned by all the sh!t that has come down during the past two months from Hell — week after week after week in which every single day has brought some new nightmare — that I just completely let the budget go. There’s a limit to what I can think about, and I’ve been way past that limit for a long time.

By today, though, things have been quiet long enough for me to catch my breath and try to figure out how much this has cost. And how I’m going to pay for it.

The cost of the vet bills alone has come to just about $1,000 since September 15.
As of October 21 — with 10 more days to run this month! — I was $575 in the red.
I retrieved $381 from Social Security by cutting the planned monthly transfer to Emergency Savings by about 60%; this left me a mere $228 in the red.

With 10 more days to go in October.


And that was extremely lucky: no large bills to repair the car after the fender-bender, thanks to Chuck’s guys wrestling and bolting the thing back into place, and because by some miracle I didn’t have to replace tires.

A thousand bucks on the dog in six weeks. Think of that!

Dare one speculate that a substantial part of that resulted from a wrong diagnosis? Well…probably not. We really don’t know whether Cassie does or does not  have Valley fever. She may. But she’s one helluva lot better than she was, that’s for sure. Not back to normal. But not stepping over Death’s threshold, either.

There’s money in savings to cover a couple hundred bucks’ worth of red ink. Just. There’s no way I can sustain even one more unplanned expense. And Christmas, obviously, is now a lost cause.

God only knows what the potentially life-threatening skin cancer diagnosis will cost me. Despite the supposed joys of Medicare and Medigap, there’s always some amount that isn’t covered. Where the cash will come from to pay those bills, I do not know. Out of investments, I expect.

One message from this: unless you still have a job in “retirement,” you can’t afford to keep a pet. So forget that. After Cassie and Ruby are both gone, there’ll be no more doggy companionship.

With any luck, I won’t live that long myself…

2 thoughts on “Horror$! The Cost of the Weeks from Hell…”

  1. Sorry to hear about the budgeting. But you can’t say dogs are a no no for retired people completely. If you become a foster parent to dogs, the food is your cost, but generally any major medical care is covered by the rescue agency, so you could always be a long term foster mama down the line. Something to consider.

    • Oh!! I didn’t realize that. The GerShep people here are always looking for foster homes. Hm. Well, if and when Cassie passes on to her furry fathers, I definitely will get in touch with them. Thanks!

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