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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

How DO we survive?

Ever have one of those blood-stopping moments that make you wonder how you got lucky? When you imagine that if there’s a god, She must be looking out after you?

Yesterday I was right here, flying low across Glendale on the way into town from the Westside, right at this time. Needed to reload the gas tank at the local Costco, which is on Bethany Home. At about 35th Avenue, I debated whether to go south on the 17 to Bethany Home, cutting maybe a minute and a half off the drive. Given my dislike of freeway driving, I decided it wasn’t worth it and went south on a surface street.

If I had entered the freeway at that moment, I could very well have ended up in the middle of whatever this was. Who knows what caused the woman’s vehicle to roll: maybe a tire blew out, maybe she swerved to avoid a fellow homicidal driver or debris on the road, maybe her attention wandered.

Amazingly, no other cars seem to have been caught up in this wreck. Four in the afternoon is pushing high rush hour here — freeways can be bumper-to-bumper at this time of day. And, it being Arizona, “bumper-to-bumper” does not mean “correspondingly slow speed.” Arizona drivers will go 60 or 65 mph right on the next guy’s tailpipe. We think that’s normal behavior.

But even if you weren’t in the wreck itself, can you imagine being anywhere near it? With five little kids in the car and the mother dead on the road?

Sometimes…you just have to wonder.

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