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How to Cause Angels to Sing

So here’s what: I need to know if the PDFs at this site — The Complete Writer — actually work from a website visitor’s perspective.

Does the page explain adequately what is going on and how to access the three PDFs posted so far?

Do they download without a problem?

Once they open, do they seem intelligible?

What have I forgotten, screwed up, confused, or otherwise rendered colorful and mysterious?

Got any suggestions? observations? complaints? whatever?

Lemme know, through comments either here or at the P&S blog post on the events of the day. And plug the darned thing on all your social media sites.

4 thoughts on “How to Cause Angels to Sing”

  1. I was able to download and open them. At first glance, all the formatting appears correct. If I see anything wonky as I read, I’ll let you know.

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