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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

How to raise the hair on your head

A FaM reader responded to Funny’s sassy rant about the use of Roundup and other politically incorrect lazinesses, with the suggestion that perhaps this was a little too blithe. Unfortunately, she sent her observation as an e-mail rather than as a comment, but along with her remarks she sent a link to an eyeball-popping documentary that I think you should see

It doesn’t pretend to come at you with no agenda—every now and then the narrator, who is seen reading reports that have been leaked to regulators or to investigative reporters, exclaims “it’s unbelievable!” But that honesty itself lends to the production’s credibility. I was a reporter for a fair number of years, and I’d say this is a good job. Sources appear to be checked, double-checked, and confirmed; most are primary sources with good to excellent believability.

You need to know about this. Set aside an hour or so and go there. Watch that.

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