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I Ain’t Workin’ Saturday!

Well…yes, I am. Gotta check off a passel of student exercises and get back to work on the OB-gyn book. Oh, well. By way of procrastination, let’s go a-lollygagging in the meadows of Blogland.

OMG! Have you seen what Tom Drake at Canadian Finance Blog is up to? He’s built an entire series around his jaundiced view of some very suspect insurance products. His most recent target: Identity Theft InsuranceMwa ha hah! This is great stuff. Don’t miss any of the entries in this excellent set of posts.

At, 101 Centavos sweetly describes an awesome anniversary evening and makes a good case for the occasional splurge.

Frugal Scholar ruminates on product lifecycles, the state of frugality, and the art of using things up.

Bargain Babe wonders how much gasoline has to cost before you start to change your driving habits.

Here’s a useful post from Evan at My Journey to Millions: What to bring to your accountant. This year I tried to simplify and clarify the pile of paper that needed to be forked over. The less time your tax pro has to spend plowing through your paper or electronic debris, the less the job will cost you!

Money Crush experiences that sinking feeling after having lost track of the days…including the day the mortgage bill got automatically paid. Yipes!

Mrs. Accountability is a past master of food caching. Take a look at the incredible produce she scored: 60 pounds of it! And check out her strategies for preserving and storing it.

At The Digerati Life, SVB contemplates what life would be like in a tiny house. This post is replete with photos, highly entertaining. LOL! Have you noticed that these micro-castles amount to the ultimate escape fantasy for frugalists? The things are fascinating. Check out the stories from her readers in the comments section.

At Ultimate Money Blog, Mrs. Money suggests a passel of ways to use up eggs. This is always a mystification for me: I don’t eat eggs (they make me sick unless mixed with other foods) but occasionally need one or two to make biscuits and the like. Since an unadulterated egg makes the dog throw up, too, this leaves me with anywhere from five to eleven eggs to get rid of…they usually end up going in the trash, weeks and weeks later.

Nicole and Maggie at Grumpy Rumblings of the Untenured describe in detail what goes on during those wonderful three-month “vacations” people think university and K-12 faculty get to enjoy. Heeeee! You, too, can become a teacher and learn to work for free.

Uh oh…looks like the handyman is just pulling up to the house. Gotta go!

6 thoughts on “I Ain’t Workin’ Saturday!”

  1. You can also buy egg white powder. For cakes/baking, you can substitute applesauce.

    I have to comment re biscuits – I’ve never seen a biscuit recipe that needs eggs, so maybe you could just find a new recipe!

    Or, can your son or neighbors eat eggs, or possibly someone would be willing to give you the random egg you need. Eggs are also good for dogs & cats!

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