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In the Dog (and Doc) Dept: Trust Your Gut…

Remember how I was wondering whether a possible misdiagnosis of Valley fever by MarvelVet might be what’s killing my dog? Well…yeah. Just talked to NewVet: the results of the second Valley fever test are back. And no.

No. She does not have and never has had Valley fever.

So basically: we have destroyed this dog’s health and very probably killed her by giving her fluconozale on top of prednisone. Or prednisone on top of fluconozale, however you wish to look at it.

That is not a benign combination. What can it cause? Adrenal gland dysfunction.

And yeah, again. That is exactly what has happened. It destroyed Cassie the Corgi. Her health is permanently ruined, and really, if I had a backbone I’d put her down now.

This has happened under the watch of the Great Skeptic. Remember, I am the one who keeps carping away that one should QUESTION AUTHORITY. Don’t take what your doctor (or a vet) says without looking it up yourself, understanding what ails you, and understanding what the proposed treatments will do for you and to you. Sometimes the treatment is worse than the disease.

That certainly is the case here. We basically killed this dog by putting her on a cough suppressant with prednisone plus an antifungal in the absence of no empirical evidence that a fungal infection was what ailed her. Instead, what ailed her was what was obvious: a bronchial infection that was going around the city at the time and that, probably thanks to the dog’s old age, advanced to pneumonia. She should have been treated with an antibiotic. In fact, when NewVet put her on doxycycline for a UTI, her cough cleared right up.


Trust no one. Believe nothing.


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  1. I am very sad to learn the real reason behind your dog’s illness and that it was an error by a trained vet. After reading your blogs for a few years, I have taken your skepticism about medication to heart. My daughter is also unwilling to simply believe her doctors without much research. Sadly we can’t dodge every curveball thrown at us. Best of love for Cassie.

    • Thank you!

      The little dog is still hanging in there. She’s not well, but I suppose that as long as she’s living, there’s an outside chance she’ll recover, at least to some degree. Time will tell, one way or the other…