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In the Night Kitchen

Insomnia! How I hate it. The night closes in like a black, sticky, toxic cloud, bringing with it all manner of prickly little horrors.

Five things I regret having done

  • Leaving a perfectly fine husband
  • Leaving my son behind
  • Not being with my mother when she was dying
  • Having agreed to go to the University of Arizona, not insisting on Cal Berkeley
  • Majoring in French

Five things I wish other people hadn’t done

  • My mother: smoking herself into the grave
  • My father: bringing us to Arizona
  • My son: taking up smoking
  • My father: disinheriting me
  • My fellow Americans: voting for George Bush and his cronies

Five things I could have done better

  • Focused on a real career
  • Been a better mother
  • Been a better daughter
  • Been a better wife
  • Taken control of my life sooner

Five characteristics I would be better without

  • Preference for solitude
  • Habit of taking the path of least resistance
  • Laziness
  • Self-indulgence
  • Insecurity

Five characteristics that redound to my benefit (there must be somethinggood here)

  • Self-discipline
  • Writing skills
  • Literacy
  • Some degree of intelligence
  • Ability to be self-starting

Five small things that make life better

  • The company of dogs
  • The company of friends
  • My son in a positive mood
  • A lovely morning
  • Flowers

Five things that scare the sh*t out of me

  • Old age
  • The U.S. economy and the decline of America
  • The state of health care in America
  • The ascendancy of the right wing and the injection of religion into secular politics
  • Climate change

Five things we could have more of

  • Swimming in the pool
  • Walking in the desert
  • Friends
  • Wine
  • Good food

Five things I could do without

  • Greed
  • Morons
  • Ambient noise
  • Work
  • Insomnia!

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  1. Our brain usually works extra-hard at night, and not often in a positive way… It’s good to look back and analyze sometimes but don’t be too hard on yourself 😉

    Are you gonna be at that URL now?

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