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Interview No. 1

Yesterday afternoon I had the first interview in the new job search, for a program manager’s position at a prominent local cultural landmark. It seemed to go well. I think they liked me, and it certainly is a job I could do well. On the other hand, I’m pretty long in the tooth. The East Valley Tribune just laid off 120 employees, and so a great raft of people in “communications” will swarm across the land in search of jobs.

If I don’t get this job or something like it very quickly, I’m going to be in deep trouble. With the market tanking, my savings will not support me, not by a long shot. Apparently it can take up to three months after you apply for Social Security to start. If it is true that credit is pretty much nonexistent, selling my house or even borrowing against it to get enough to live on is an unlikely prospect. Unlike GDU’s HR people, the UofA tells retirees that RASL—the amount the state pays for unused sick leave—is considered earned income, not a retirement benefit, and so is taxable at your regular rate. This would cut the annual amount I’m supposed to get for that over the next three years to around $4,000. COBRA alone will cost $5,000 a year. I may end up without health insurance, since I may not be able to pay for it and also eat.

I do not know what I am going to do if I don’t get another job quickly.

At any rate, after the interview I wandered around the grounds and ended up in a monarch butterfly exhibit. There I met a meeter & greeter who was all alone and happy to deliver her lecture on the wonders of butterflies. When I remarked that I had just interviewed for a job, she said she had started there as a volunteer and wangled her way into paying work. She said she loved it; the place is a great place to work.

News from GDU is uniformly negative. The library director at the West campus has been replaced by a part-time interim director whose job, we are told, is to figure out what to cut. Librarians no longer have a budget to buy books, and the president is trying to spread the West campus’s library budget among all four campuses. Staff expect widespread layoffs in the near future.

While strolling around the gardens, I thought wouldn’t it be wonderful to work for a place whose management you don’t hate!

Well, we’ll see. I don’t hold out much hope. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. Here’s what it looks like at the place where I’d like to work.

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6 thoughts on “Interview No. 1”

  1. Hi, I just came across your blog and have been reading up! I am in Boston but I work for one of the world’s largest publishers and they are in nearly every state in the country…I don’t love the huge company thing, but they are a good company and I work with many short-hour and contract, and the benefit of their size is the range of positions there offer. Anytime I hear of someone in need of a job I recommend they check my company out! email me if you want more info and good luck!!!

  2. I’m glad to hear the interview went well. I’m praying for you! If it’s going to take three months, do you feel you should go ahead and apply for your Social Security now, just in case? Or are you going to hold out until you know?

  3. Well, I feel like an ass! I guess I should have checked the date of your post before writing mine 🙂 Glad to hear that your interview went well this past Tuesday, and I’m sure VFYL readers will think good thoughts for any other interviews that you are sure to get.

    Amanda 🙂

  4. Hi. I just came accross your blog looking for some much needed advice on not going absolutely crazy over the layoffs going on at my job. It’s difficult not being able to vent to family, because I dont want to worry or hurt them and of course, cant vent at work, because the walls have ears and it will most definitely come to bite me you know where. I work in the insurance industry. I’m in Southeast Florida. It is NOT looking good over here either. I survived 2 layoffs last year at Christmas and January. Now its happening again. Not sure whats going to happen. And careerbuilder is literally empty with insurance jobs for my level. And I’ve been able to come pretty far in my opinion. I may need to apply at Walmart. At least I’ll get employee discounts, and I already know the store inside out. Good Luck! To everyone.

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